Anhui: extended wedding holiday 10 days extended 60 days

People’s Network Hefei November 19th (Wang Ruihua) On November 19 The Ordinance will be implemented on January 1, 2022.

The "Regulations" clearly advocated the age-age marriage and educated exceptions.

A couple can give three children. The husband and wife have three children, and some children have been identified as disability and medical thinking, they can reproduce them. At the same time, three children can be given three children in accordance with the law.

The "Regulations", the "Regulations", and the people’s governments at all levels will take financial, tax, insurance, education, housing, employment and other support measures to reduce family planning, raising and educational burden. According to the Regulations, it is in line with the legal regulations to marry the marriage, and the wedding holiday is extended on the basis of the national regulations. During wedding leave, the wages, bonuses, and benefits are unchanged. Couples, state organs, social groups, and enterprise institutions that meet this Ordinance: The woman will extend the birth rate for sixty days on the basis of the national regulations; the men enjoy 30 days of care; in children Before the age, the husband and wife were given each year’s ten days.

At the same time, employees enjoy the wages, bonuses, and benefits of their in-service, bonuses, and benefits during the maternity leave, care of the preceding paragraph.

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