[Konjac fried celery]_Fried celery at the same time_How to make

[Konjac fried celery]_Fried celery at the same time_How to make

Konjac fried celery tastes good, you can prepare a small amount of konjac, and then prepare some celery, which can be added with pepper, salt, chicken essence and monosodium glutamate.Because using garlic will have a better taste and higher nutritional value than using green onions, there are many types of konjac practices, such as sauteing.

The raw material medicine Konjac bought two pieces of celery, garlic, pepper, salt, chicken essence, and MSG.

First, 1: Cut konjac into small dices, cut the washed celery into small pieces, slice the garlic and pepper into small pieces.


2: Open the pan and heat it up.

Pour in the oil, heat up with some salt, and then fry the chopped peppers and garlic.

3: Then pour konjac into the pan and stir fry, add celery and stir fry.

Then add seasoning, soy sauce, salt seasoning, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, stir-fry konjac material immediately after frying. Main ingredients: Konjac 350 g. Ingredients: 10 grams each of onion, ginger, garlic. Seasoning: broth, bean paste, salt, chicken essence,Vegetable oil method 1, clean the konjac and cut into pieces, scald in a boiling water pot to remove the alkaline taste; 2, pick up and wash with water; 3, wash the onion, ginger and garlic separately, and cut into pieces.

4. Put the vegetable oil on the fire and heat up, scallion, ginger, minced garlic, add bean paste and stir well.

5, add an appropriate amount of broth and boil.

6. Pour the cooked konjac, add salt, boil the chicken essence, turn to low heat and simmer slowly; 7. When the konjac tastes, when the soup is thick, sprinkle with green onions and serve.

Onion fragrant konjac fried konjac material 50g konjac gum, 2500g pure water, 5g alkali, 1 bag of mustard, 4 peppers, moderate amount of oil, 2 onions, seasoning with MSGThe water temperature reaches 7,80 degrees (when there are a lot of bubbles in the bottom of the pot), then 50 grams of refined powder is gradually stirred into the water (continuous stirring) until the konjac refined powder and water are fully melted into a paste, and then 5 grams of edible alkali flourStir together with konjac paste in the pot. Turn off the mixture until it is well stirred.

Let the konjac paste in the pan cool naturally to become lumps, and at this time, the konjac tofu will become.

Divide the prepared konjac tofu into large pieces and continue to heat and boil for 20 minutes to allow the konjac tofu to solidify.

After cooling naturally, it can be used as raw material for cooking.

Cut konjac tofu into small strips and set aside; set the pot on the fire and pour in the right amount of blending oil. When the oil is hot for seven or eight minutes, add the chopped green onions, ginger, garlic, and fry the flavor.Konjac sticks are fried in the pot and fried. Southerners can add a small amount of pickled shredded vegetables, put salt, monosodium glutamate, and bring it to the pot.

This dish is smooth and tender, not too tired after a long time.

Tips: Pay attention to the ratio of konjac flour, water, and alkaline noodles about 1:50:01.