[How to deal with crabs]_Crabs_How to deal_Processing methods

[How to deal with crabs]_Crabs_How to deal_Processing methods

I believe everyone is familiar with crab. This is a kind of food that combines delicious taste and tender meat with one body, and it is also a kind of food that many people like to eat.

Of course, when making crabs, there are many and many places to pay attention to, especially before eating crabs, you must handle crabs well.

Now, let’s introduce the crab processing method in detail for everyone!

First, how can a crab kill quickly?

1. Take the chopsticks and poke directly between the eyes of the crab, and turn it out slightly to make the crab appear pseudo-dead, but the meat quality still maintains the fresh flesh Q state.

2. The left and right edges of the crab are its most fragile and soft parts. You can use the force of the table to peel the shell of the crab.

3. After peeling off the shell, clean up the gallbladder that is stuck to the center of the shell.

Second, small tricks to clean the crab stomach internal organs!

(1) Live crabs bought by soaking in salt water should be rinsed with clean water and then soaked in fresh saline water, so that crab crabs can spit out the dirty things in the stomach. Pay more attention during soakingChange the water until the water from the crab is clean.

Then pinch the rear end of the pinch and hang it close to the edge of the plate so that the pair of pliers can just hold the string.

(2) Liquor soaking Let the crabs soak in the wine for 5-10 minutes and bathe fully.

Through the stimulation of wine, the graft in the body is discharged, and crabs can also be drunk with white wine.

The wine can not only remove the fishy smell of crabs, but also make the crabs lose their struggle, and follow up many times.

Of course, if there is no liquor at home, you can sizzle it with warm water at 45 degrees.

When the water temperature is high, the crab feet and tongs will be replaced. Presumably, people who have cooked crabs will be aware of this, and this will not burn the crabs directly, affecting the nutrition and taste of the crabs. Put the crabs in warm water, About 3-5 minutes, the crab will not move on it.

Third, the method of cleaning crab internal organs (1) remove the stomach: located in the front half of the crab shell, with or without mud inside, is a place where bacteria grow and reproduce.

Crab stomach is commonly known as “crab monk”, which is a triangular bone packet in the center of the front edge of the dorsal shell with dirt inside.

(2) Intestine removal: It is located in the middle of the crab’s umbilical cord, showing a black line.

(3) In addition to crab heart: located in the middle of crab yellow.

The crab heart is extremely cold and has a hexagonal shape, also called “hexagonal meat”. It is located in the center of the crab, under a black film coat, and can be picked out by the tip of a crab when eating.

(4) In addition to the gills: two rows of soft, eyebrow-shaped things that grow on the top of the crab’s abdomen, also known as “crab shutters.”

At both ends of the crab body, there are potential pathogens and dirt.