Netflix’s first Chinese drama Sin Dreamer hit the street?That you didn’t understand sin and dream

Netflix’s first Chinese drama “Sin Dreamer” hit the street?That you didn’t understand sin and dream
In recent years, the streaming media Netflix is committed to expanding the world’s territory, and has collaborated with many countries and regions on original works. The recently launched “Sin Dreamer” is its first original Chinese-language drama series.”Sinners” realized that while the death penalty prisoner Aquan (Ding Changquan) was waiting in prison for death (knowing his inmates Cui Chenggui, Xiao San), he heard that his son had been kidnapped. In order to save his son and protect his family,Planning a jailbreak, he found himself trapped in a more dangerous strategy.Throughout the process, Ah Quan will surround the realm of half dreams and half wakes from time to time.The strong cast (Zhang Xiaoquan, Jia Jingwen, Fan Xiaoxuan, Wang Baijie, etc.), and the need to wait for “cooked meat” (refer to episodes with subtitles) can be watched for the first time, attracting many netizens in the episodes of the worldGo watch it a while ago.The appraisal after watching the drama is very polarized.”Sinner Dream” poster.It can be said that “Sin Dreamer” implies a different meaning from the interpretation of the title in Chinese and English to the ending of the story.In the Chinese title, “Dream” is the best answer.The three brothers Ding Changquan were killed by the great devil Lin Jizi, and finally resurrected and appeared, like a flashback memory, but very real, like a parallel universe in another world.Regarding dreams, aren’t they all false, real, false, but confused about the unknown boundary between it and reality?The English title “Nowhere Man” about “Sin Dreamer” is another charm when interpreted.”Nowhere” has more religious intentions, which refers to the chaotic and ambiguous state of existence in the middle of life after death and before being reborn into the next life, and this is also explaining the final Ding Changquan and Cui ChengguiAfter the death of Xiao San and the three people, before stepping into the next cycle, the soul floated in the sun to experience the unfulfilled wish before death.But the audience on the other side felt that the director’s personal style was too extreme.Chen Yingrong ‘s self-contained fantasy narrative aesthetics, plus the technical nutrients brought to her by directing music tapes in recent years, combined with the full nostalgia and retro feelings created by the entire drama using Hong Kong and Taiwan audiovisual works in the 1980s and 1990sPeople think they are watching music tapes or old music movies.But if there is no memory of the Chen-style language or the various songs in the series, it seems that there is a river between the audience and “Sin Dreamer”, but it can’t be seen directly into the core of the play.Understand the theme of the story.”Sin Dreamer” stills.In addition, the editing of the whole episode of “Sin Dreamer” will make the sequence of the whole story look confused and confused, so many viewers said that even if there are Chinese subtitles, even if they can understand Min Nan, there will be a daze that they cannot understand the main line of the story.In particular, the biggest failure is photography, the martial arts scene is messy, and some of the execution flaws are obvious, which directly affects the chic and gorgeous texture of the gangster group play, and also reduces the strong gangster imprint that the drama itself is intended to portray.Originally, due to the core theme of “Sin Dreamer” and the poetic narrative technique, a large number of stacked inner dramas and emotions, it is destined to not be a super-commercial work that is all happy.And under such a stylized narrative, it will form an obstacle that is not easy to read.But if you can read it, you will find that this is really a good work that will leave something.You will see the “sin” and “dream” of the image in Chen Yingrong’s poetic aesthetics, see the repeated chewing of punishment and resentment, and see self-questioning and exile close to dreamlike realism.Perhaps this is hardly an original Nai Fei work that everyone likes, and it is difficult to evaluate whether it is good or not, but in any case, “Sin Dreamer” is a drama that picks the audience.If the director Chen Yingrong looks at things from the perspective of product presentation, then Netflix thinks from the perspective of customers-at the beginning, Netflix decided to replace it with big data to determine “brotherhood, death penalty, escape from prison, revenge”Keywords such as “”, and then extract universal value from the story of the landing; embody authenticity with exquisite historical culture and scene settings; embody human emotions with plot structure and character settings to resonate with global audiences.From left to right, they are Xiao San, Ding Changquan, and Cui Wanfu.It can be seen that the conscience production of Chinese creators, combined with Hollywood’s industrial model, is a feasible new direction for Chinese dramas to move towards the world stage.□ Qiu Xiaomo (drama reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Liu Jun