Development and Reform Commission, etc .: Encourage the Agricultural Bank to explore the big and small financial services of pig breeding

Development and Reform Commission, etc .: Encourage the Agricultural Bank to explore the “big and small” financial services of pig breeding
Sauna Night News reportedly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission that in order to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s deployment requirements to support hog production and the development of private enterprises, guide private enterprises to develop hog production and related industries. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural AffairsJointly issued the “Implementation Opinions on Supporting Private Enterprises to Develop Live Pig Production and Related Industries” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”).1. The background of the “Opinions” The private enterprises are the main force to ensure the effective supply of pork and other meat products, and dominate the large-scale breeding of live pigs, accounting for more than 98% of the breeding enterprises.Affected by factors such as the impact of the African swine fever epidemic, hog throughput has been declining rapidly since 2019, resulting in slaughter.400 million head, down 21 a year.At 6%, hog prices have risen sharply, exceeding the previous increase of 42.5%.Following the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, all relevant departments in various regions have actively taken measures, and the overall policy effect has gradually emerged. In particular, private enterprises have given full play to their advantages in technology, capital, and talents, and adhere to the combination of epidemic prevention and control and supplementary maintenance.Promoting pork market supply and price stability played a key role.However, the prevention and control of African swine fever is long-term and complicated. It takes a certain period of time to restore the fertility of pigs, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic will have a certain impact on the pig breeding industry, especially the rapid recovery of power generation. It is expected that the increase in pork supply will remain tight.Further increase efforts.The “Opinions” adhere to the problem guidance, aiming at the outstanding problems of land use, environmental protection, credit, insurance and other issues faced by private enterprises in the development of hog production and related industries, and strive to promote the implementation of specific measures to encourage private enterprises to quickly resume and expand live pig production based on the current, Focus on long-term transformation to promote industrial transformation, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of the development of the pig industry, ensure that pork is basically self-sufficient, and better meet the needs of the people for a better life.Second, focus on increasing the policy support for private enterprises. The “Opinions” make it clear that, in accordance with the requirements of regional prevention and control, while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, encourage local governments to take targeted measures to solve difficult clogging points and promote pig breedingAnd related enterprises resume production as soon as possible.Increase financial support and continue to arrange investment in the central budget to support the construction of pig breeding, epidemic prevention and control, standardized scale breeding, and utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources; use good pigs to transfer large county incentive funds to support the development of private enterprisesPig production and related industries.Improve financial and insurance support policies, encourage banks to separate collateral catalogues of land management rights, breeding pens, large-scale breeding machinery and live pigs that meet the regulations, and encourage agricultural banks and others to actively explore the “big belt” financial services of live pig breeding.Establish and improve the due diligence exemption mechanism and incentive and restraint mechanism for the hog industry loans of financial institutions to improve the tolerance of non-performing loans.Safeguard the demand for reasonable land use, implement the land policy for pig breeding, and effectively guarantee the demand for land for breeding in the national spatial planning.For those who do not meet the requirements of arable land or other land into permanent basic food, after verification by the county-level natural resources authority in conjunction with the agricultural and rural authorities, the development of live pig breeding is allowed, combined with the verification of the permanent basic farmland rectification work, timely quality and quantityMake supplements.Guiding all localities to administer the livestock and poultry breeding prohibited areas in accordance with laws and regulations, and resolutely change those who do not have pig markets or pig counties in the name of environmental protection.To further deepen the reform of “freedom management”, the national regulations on hog production support policies and regulatory measures, and all private enterprises will be treated equally.3. Focus on optimizing the market environment of private enterprises. The Opinions should further prevent and control African swine fever epidemic, ensure that the epidemic does not rebound, and increase the confidence of private enterprises and farmers.Establish and improve a modern improved breeding, breeding and testing system, cultivate and expand large-scale innovative innovative pig breeding enterprises, and form a parallel pattern of “joint breeding + large enterprise breeding”; support pig production performance measurement and improved breeding capacity.Improve the feed supply system, guide feed companies to participate in the development of upstream and downstream industries, and increase risk resistance.Maintain the normal circulation level of the hog and pork market, strengthen the production and marketing connection, ensure the orderly movement of breeding pigs and piglets, and improve the “point-to-point” transportation mechanism of live pigs and their products.Strengthen expected management and regulation, guide breeding enterprises to adjust breeding scale in time, and prevent production supply and price fluctuations.Fourth, focus on guiding private enterprises to improve the quality of industrial development. The “Opinions” suggest that we must focus on improving the modernization level of pig breeding, encourage leading enterprises to give full play to their technological and market advantages, and drive small and medium-sized farms to develop pig breeding.Guide large-scale breeding enterprises to develop supporting pig slaughtering and processing industries, and form an industrial pattern that matches breeding and slaughtering and processing.Promote the construction of a cold chain logistics infrastructure network covering the main production and sales areas of pigs, and encourage and guide banks, industrial funds, and private capital to support cold chain construction.Actively explore the international market, strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the global hog market, and encourage private enterprises to import high-quality pork products based on domestic market demand.Next, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will work with relevant departments to do a good job in supplementing the “Opinions”, support private enterprises to accelerate the development of hog production and related industries, and strive to form industrial scale development, with strong supply security and stable pricesHealth situation.Editor Wang Yu