It’s just that Huang Zetao is willing to swallow for the time being,Doesn’t it mean Xiangyang will give up,Xiangyang on Paradise Island is a real and domineering existence,I asked a person and I was called,How could it be easy to let them go?

Huang Zetao wanted to leave a bunch of trash talk about Xiangyangsichun,But I haven’t waited for Huang Zetao to speak,Xiangyang’s pile of taunting skills have all been lost,Hit a wave of damage,Huang Zetao and their little brothers were stunned by Xiangyang。
And after the fuse is lit,Huang Zetao and the brothers behind him will naturally not allow the small flames of the sun to start a prairie fire wantonly,Are all highly educated people,Can’t do it,But there are so many ways to move your mouth。So regardless of the major language or minor language,It sounded in the schoolyard in the military camp for a while。
At this time, the news of the brave policewoman in Korean Xiangyi picking 20 thugs has not spread on the Internet.,But the freshmen of Wanghai University who received military training in the barracks,But I have seen what it means to beat ten!
A goddess from Xiangyang followed eight or nine boys to scold the street,Whether it’s Chinese or English,Even a small language like Persian was taken out by Xiang Yang to confront Huang Zetao and others。
One-to-many without losing the wind,Plus, the boys around are helping,Xiangyang’s aura alone steadily overwhelmed all of Huang Zetao and the others。
Zhu Shiyao stood by Xiangyang,I just feel that I have completely fallen,If Xiangyang is a man,I will fall in love with her incorrigibly,One person can switch freely with eight or nine boys in various languages, seamlessly match up,Although I am like many people,Not every language can be understood,But I just think Xiangyang is very powerful!A hundred years ago,The heroine of Xiangyang who is standing next to him!
Chapter Twenty Seven practice
Great heroes can Megatron China,But there are also times when Maicheng is defeated。
Xiangyang with one enemy and many,It is indeed sassy and heroic,Coupled with the help of men around,Xiangyang’s arrogance can be said to be extremely flourishing。But this high mood,When the instructors approached,Regardless of the smug Xiangyang,Huang Zetao still holding his breath and nowhere to vent,Everyone became silent in front of the instructorilambisheep。
“well,Every student is very energetic,It’s great!”
Dozens of officers on the school field quickly integrated their teams,In the middle of the school,There is a heroic middle-aged man,From a distance, it looks like Rambo in the movie,In other words, this middle-aged man is more like a terminator,Standing silently in the center,Didn’t stand with his hands like the leader in the TV series,Just standing on the school field very often,Then everyone’s attention was focused on the middle-aged man。
The school field is huge,But the middle-aged man was very angry when he spoke,Can pass every word he confided to everyone on the school field clearly。
“My name is Cang Fuxue,The place where you are standing now is called the death group,And I, Cang Fuxue, is the leader of the death squad。”
Cang Fuxue paced back and forth on the school field,My eyes are swept across the freshmen of Wanghai University,Anyone who has had eye contact,Except for a few people,All bowed their heads。
And the instructors on the school field who are responsible for leading the phalanx,It’s like having eyes behind,When Cang Fuxue’s eyes fell,The whole person is straightened up,Extremely solemn face,In the military training phalanx,Those students who are closer to the instructors,Can see,When Cang Fuxue looked at the square where he was,Sweat beads appeared on the instructor’s forehead,Even the small movements of swallowing saliva can be seen clearly。
“I’m an old acquaintance with President Han of Wanghai University,Because every year our students from Wanghai University go to the death squad to experience military life,Eat and live with the soldiers,Cultivate perseverance。”
Time for Cang Fuxue to speak again,The interval is a bit long,But I heard the voice of Cang Fuxue,The instructors on the school field breathed a sigh of relief。