“Haven’t the boss and the boss got up yet??”

Yan Xiaoyi seemed to realize something,Asked knowingly。
“Regardless of them,This is my sister Mo Mo,Stay in the inn from now on……”
Xiangyang suddenly thought,It seems that I haven’t consulted Mo Mo yet,Look back,Mo Mo also smiled and accepted Xiangyang’s arrangement for herself。
“I’ll be a front desk clerk here from now on!My energy is super good,Can take on all night shifts!”
Mo Mo said with a smile,Han Geunji, who is not far from her, can clearly feel,How fast my heart beats,Almost exploding。
Listening to Mo Mo,Xiangyang naturally thought of the way she slept in her clothes and guarded herself last night。Maybe the inn is not safe anymore,Even Xiangyang still believes that Xiang Chen will protect this place perfectly。
“it is good!Then my sister Mo Mo is the front desk!”
Xiang Chen and Yao Yao are not there,Xiangyang, the little boss, should have given the morning meeting work instructions。Xiangyang also believes,You Xiangchen、Brother Demon and Sister Mo Mo,My first home in China,It will be safe。
But after Xiangyang arranged Mo Mo’s job position,,Yan Xiaoyi secretly said something bad!As the general manager of the inn,Now the inn has a front desk lady who is the same as the goddess in the comics.,If my wife really comes to visit the class one day,How much keyboard and durian does my meniscus bear?……
Chapter One Hundred Seventy Four accidental injury
Yan Xiaoyi is just an ordinary person who can no longer be ordinary,As for how Paradise Island chooses employees, he has no idea,He still understands the principle of taking people’s money to eliminate disasters,So I have been working hard for Xiangchen。
Yan Xiaoyi is actually not quite confident in his ability to dominate,Not to mention my previous work,It’s just that Han Genji, the strong dragon, is struggling to get along with him,What’s more, there is now another beautiful beauty named Mo Mo。
Simultaneously,In certain aspects,Yan Xiaoyi is also very confident。Like my wife,Yan Xiaoyi loves his wife very much,So he knows his wife very well,If one day my wife comes to visit the class,,Then after seeing Momo,Will definitely associate。after that,Maybe I won’t do anything to Mo Mo,But when I go home, my meniscus will suffer。
Yan Xiaoyi looked at Xiangyang,I really hope that the little boss can take his life back,But he knows it himself,The chance of such hope is slim。
“Sister Mo Mo sits at the front desk,We will have a prosperous business!”