“You used Mixiang,You are poisoned”With a few footsteps,Several police officers walked in。At this time Zhang Yong has started to dress Xia Jian。

I didn’t expect a woman to cry at this moment:“Comrade Police,This man he bullied,You can’t leave it alone。Otherwise, I will die in front of you”This woman is crying,While still slapping,Really look like a shrew。
“enough!Isn’t it embarrassing enough?!Your husband has already recruited all in front,You just wait to go to jail!”A male policeman shouted,Throw the clothes from the chair on this woman。
At this moment,Zhang Yong has put on all the clothes for Xia Jian。A policeman came over and asked:“We want to ask you a few questions,Can you answer us?”Xia Jian nodded silently。
“The whole process of staying in this hotel,Tell us more。Because the wife and wife have been involved in making money,So you have to make a note”The male policeman said with a serious face。
His voice just fell,Just a plop,The woman who is getting dressed has kneeled on the ground,She howled loudly:“I did this alone,Has nothing to do with my husband”
“Drag her out,Stop her messing around here,I really lost the face of Dongping Town people”Which male policeman waved,Which woman was immediately taken out from under the armpit by two other male policemen。
The moment that woman returns,Xia Jiancai saw clearly,That’s an ordinary female face,Just put a little foundation on top,And also put on lipstick。Such a general woman,How can I do such a thing?
It’s all money。Xia Jian is a little helpless,But what can you say?Just such an ordinary woman,Made myself so ugly,Almost made him hard to argue。
After dragging the woman away,Which male police said:“We have already interrogated this woman’s husband。They burned a kind of psychedelic sandalwood in your room,People become weak after being poisoned。They look at your body,So I added a little more”
“Is there any danger?”Zhang Yong asked nervously。
Which male police shook his head and said:“will not,It expires once time has passed,But for insurance,You can go to the hospital after finishing the transcript”
Xia Jian also feels that he is better now,Since the pier can be turned at will。So he said to the police:“go ahead!”
“Who received you?Did they charge you to stay in the hotel??and also,Have you noticed anything different throughout the process?”The male police asked these questions。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,So he knocked on the door of the courtyard,I kept talking until he opened his eyes and said everything he saw。He tried to be as detailed as possible。The male police said after recording:“You can go now”
Zhang Yong couldn’t wait to pick up Xia Jian and leave。A half-new and old overbearing car parked at the entrance of the courtyard,Zhang Yong opened the car door and put Xia Jian in,Then asked softly:“Let’s go back to the city hospital?”
Xia Jian feels it,Feel that I am almost better,So I thought for a while and said:“it is good!Let’s go back to the city first”
Zhang Yong jumped into the car,Fastened Xia Jian’s seat belt,Start the car and drive quickly towards the city。Xia Jian struggled to lift his watch and glanced at it,I found it was just after 12 noon。This shows that I still slept for a while in which shop。
“How did you find where?”Xia Jian couldn’t help but ask Zhang Yong。
Zhang Yong smiled and said:“I’ll call you as soon as I get to Dongping Town,But your phone can’t get through anyway,I told Mr. Luo about this。When Mr. Luo thought about it, he said that something might have happened to you,Let me report to the local police station”