“Hey!Between adults,We don’t understand,Let them go!I thought,Your parents are abroad”Xia Jian sighed and said。

Guan Tingna smiled and said:“My dad is from Bucheon,My mother is southZJof。Living with grandma。I don’t even know my dad’s phone number,I called mom just now,My mom notified my dad”
“Your mom can forgive your dad,You should be able to。You are father and daughter anyway,There can be no hatred between father and daughter”Xia Jian is a considerate person,He kept comforting Guan Tingna。
Guan Tingna smiled and said:“Don’t say it’s useless,I am not a three year old。What i told you just now,You must help me。Because my mom told my dad,I have been living with my boyfriend for the past two years,Otherwise he will think that our mother and daughter have been lying to him,This can be troublesome”
“Damn!My aunt,You know,I am married now,Once this matter reveals a flaw,The trouble is not general。If this matter is put before,You say pretend,I just pretend!I installed it anyway”
Xia Jian said anxiously。The car turned into the city,There are more vehicles suddenly。Xia Jian followed closely behind the Lincoln,Dare not open at all。Because he found,Two cars followed his car,And it’s still very tight。
Guan Tingna’s face changed and said:“Don’t make excuses,That’s it。You have the ability to say in front of my dad tonight that you are not my boyfriend”
“Yo ha!You still want to give me hard?Then don’t forget,I just don’t eat yours,I will park the car by the road now,Whatever you like”Xia Jian said,Really leaned the car to the side of the road。
Guan Tingna looked anxious,She cried and said frustrated:“You pity me, okay?I just came out of the hospital,Encountered such a thing,What use is it for me to live in this hospital??”Guan Tingna said,Almost crying。
Xia Jian’s heart is soft,Sighed and said:“All right!I just think you just got sick,I’m busy with you tonight,But not as an example”
“okay,I can’t get married,And let you keep helping me,It’s just a joke”Guan Tingna gave Xia Jian a look,Said with a cold snort。
Xia Jian kept following the car in front,When the car in front stops slowly,Xia Jian discovered,They have arrived in front of a big villa。
Xia Jian leaned on the Lincoln to park the car,Then he opened the door and went down。Guan Nan stood in front of the villa and waited for them。
“Tingna!Your daughter is too interesting, right?!Where dad lives,You might come here for the first time!”Guan Nanchong’s daughter who just got off the car said with a smile。
Guan Tingna didn’t say a word,But walked to Xia Jian,Wrapped Xia Jian’s arm and said to Guan Nan:“Daughter fate!Can’t bear this big villa,Or our small building is comfortable”
“Nonsense!”Guan Nan scolded,Turned around and walked into the villa。
Guan Tingna pulls Xia Jian,Also quickly followed in。Not to mention,This rich man’s house,The decoration is different。Xia Jian just stepped in,All feel dizzy。Really magnificent,Beautiful indescribable。
Guan Nan called Xia Jiangang to sit down,The nanny brought the tea。。Guan Nan said to the nanny:“Tell Ruoyun!I said Miss and Uncle are back”
Ouch!My mom,Suddenly became the rich man’s uncle。Xia Jian can’t sit still,Guan Tingna took the opportunity to pinch Xia Jian’s ass again。She meant you sit down for me。