Inside is a pair of crystal high heel jade shoes……Which is the pair that Lingju wore today。

Am i special……
This is really treating yourself as a pervert!!
Ling Jing is akimbo,Smug:
“Senior has been staring at my sister’s shoes today,I get it,Really unexpected,Senpai still has such a hobby。”
Immediately,Jingpu gritted his teeth and raised his head to send this thing back,But this rise,People in Jingpu are almost dizzy,I saw Lingju standing not far away with blushing face,Looking at Jingpu,And the pair of crystal high-heeled jade shoes in the Jingpu wooden box。
Jingpu’s face is now as ugly as eating shit,And Lingjing who has been observing Jingpu’s expression,Suddenly startled,Seems to have found something,Look back slowly,After seeing my sister。
Whoosh,Lingjing went straight away,Just leave a paragraph:
“before……senior,I still have something,I’m leaving……”
Ling Jing’s voice echoed in this space,Only Jingpu with a dumb face left。
The blush-faced Lingju,After Lianbu came to Jingpu,As if I didn’t see Jingpu holding his crystal high-heeled jade shoes,A wooden box appeared in Lingju’s hand,Looking at the side,Don’t dare to see Jingpu,Shy softly:
“this…Nowadays……See seniors like……I seem to like to eat small snacks……I……I learned to do it with my mother when I was young……Just made some…Sent to senior……senior……Try the craftsmanship of Lingju……”
Lingju was nervous when I saw it,Stumbling in one sentence,But in fact……Jingpu is more damn nervous!!
This damn got caught on the spot,But the problem is that Jingpu is still confused。Jingpu didn’t know anything two minutes ago。
No way,Must not be treated as perverted,Jingpu took Lingju’s wooden box,While preparing to explain。
but,Jingpu just took Lingju’s wooden box,Lingju turned around and left with a blushing face。
Jingpu stands at the gate of the courtyard,Froze for half a minute: