“Damn!When you look back, you must do it,Kill those gods!”Just as Edward·When East thought fiercely,A powerful force directly affects these two people。

Wright started,With his current gravitational space method,Transform into gravity,Even the six-star elves have to be directly bound,Seven-star elves might escape。
Two ordinary upper gods,Naturally can’t escape。
Cecilia is unaffected by Wright’s gravity,The endless sword light directly wrapped these two upper gods。
“Ah ah ah!”The screams came from the sword light。But neither Wright nor Cecilia cares,Elek is watching to relieve his anger。
“stop!”Scream,A look is three points similar to the East family himself,But a much stronger upper god holds an axe,While flying at extreme speed,Slashed at Wright and others,The axe surrounds the black energy,As if to destroy everything,And there is even a trace of space cracks on its surface。
Axe tears the space,The young chief of the East family who wants to save his son,Duncan·East directly broke into Wright’s earth space,And at this moment,Wright Transformation,Switch gravity to repulsion!
Duncan·Easter fly relay,Cast a devastating axe,Forcibly moved Wright’s space by five meters—And then fly out under the huge repulsive force,Slammed into the flower castle。
The building materials of Flower Castle are used to build artifacts,There is also magic circle protection,But under this blow,The walls are cracking。
“who are you?”A gloomy voice came into Wright’s mind,A man in black armor appeared outside Wright’s gravity space,Asked coldly。
“father,Save edward!”The god who was flew by Wright’s repulsion just now also flew over,One step behind the black man。But the black-clad man he called his father ignored him。
“You are east?”Wright choked coldly,“This is how your East family does business,Attacking guests!”
“nonsense,How could edward attack you!”Duncan·East said angrily。
Wright nodded to Cecilia:“Let the trash speak for himself。”