Come north,It’s boring to eat southern food。Xia Jian decided on his own,I ordered a few side dishes first,Then everyone ordered a small bowl of fried noodles。

these things,Is Xia Jian’s favorite。On eating noodles,It’s not an exaggeration for him to eat three bowls by himself for such a small bowl,But in front of Yang Ying and the others,He has to maintain his elegant image。
Once the food is on the table,Yang Ying and Luo Xiaoyi ate very happily。Xia Jian also heard from Yang Ying’s mouth that the noodles are really delicious。
That’s easy。Entertain guests from the south,The biggest headache is diet,It seems that Yang Ying and Luo Xiaoyi are not picky in this area。
You can finish eating bowl of noodles,I didn’t expect Yang Ying to be happy,She even said with a smile:“President Xia!Snowy outside,Just drink two cups to warm up,what do you think?”
Looking at the charming Yang Ying,Xia Jian really couldn’t refuse her request。Three people want a vial is too stingy,Xia Jian had to order a good bottle of liquor。opened,First to Yang Ying。
Luo Xiaoyi said with a smile:“President Xia!Don’t you know,Mr. Yang, we really rarely drink liquor in general。But she is in a good mood today,That’s why I had two cups with you”
Luo Xiaoyi doesn’t say much,But Xia Jian can understand。So he died,I didn’t expect Yang Ying to be very happy too。Drinking in a snowy day is really a good thing,Xia Jian asked the waiter to remove all the plates on the table,Served the most famous local warm pot。
Warm pot。This is a dish unique to the north,Eat only in winter。A special stove,Charcoal fire inside,Outside is a circle of pot。With delicious food,It should be said that there is everything in the pot。Very delicious,Especially such food,It’s all steaming。
Since I want to drink,Then eat a warm pot slowly,Let Yang Ying and her secretary have a taste of what is called a good northern dish。
This hot pot comes up,Yang Ying was surprised。After Xia Jian’s explanation,This authentic southern talent has eaten such a delicious thing for the first time。
She eats,Said with a smile:“President Xia!If i die,Our cooperation still counts”Yang Ying’s joke amused Xia Jianshang。
Luo Xiaoyi had a couple of snacks,Can’t help it。Men can eat everything,If this woman really runs into something she likes to eat,That’s really nothing about men。
A bottle of liquor,Three sips and sips,Soon reached the bottom。Yang Ying meant to have another bottle,Because she is going to drink this hot pot。Actually in the pot,Almost eaten by these two women。