Wang Teng saw Wei Yuyan like this,Some curiously asked Wei Yuyan。

And Wei Yuyan,He said to Wang Teng:“Right in front。”
Chapter 81 There are really two things
in fact,If it was before,Maybe Yang Zhuo doesn’t think anything。
But after coming to Wang Teng’s cruise ship,For the first time there was a trace of doubt in Yang Zhuo’s heart。
“In the end,What kind of person are you fighting against?”
“The strength of this person,How could it be so strong?”
See here in Yang Zhuo,Secretly pondering in his heart。
But when I think of this,Yang Zhuo’s whole face,Even with a trace of hideousness。
“Really two times,But now,It’s very interesting。”
When Yang Zhuo’s eyes narrowed slightly,Subconsciously fall in front of you。
In fact, for such things,Yang Zhuo’s heart,Know naturally,What should I do next?。
Just looking at these,In this situation,Yang Zhuo’s side,The subordinates said:“Patriarch。”
“Don’t worry,what’s the matter,Wait till i finish reading。”
Yang Zhuo waved his hand,Talking to the people around you。
people around me,Seeing Yang Zhuo like this,It’s somewhat helpless。
But looking at these,At this time, Yang Zhuo thinks that Wang Teng is very good.。
“Although you are really strong,but,I’m not bad!”