What the ancient dragon heard was the feint attack of the earth dragon,It was this dragon that smashed the arm。

Earth Dragon Firm Rock Armor,Harder than the flesh helmet of this ancient dragon,Even if the cultivation base is lower,The ape ancient dragon is still inferior to the thick and tough earth dragon in this respect。
This smash,Smashed Ape Gulong’s own arm,The meat of the shield helmet at the elbow is a bit rotten。
And the Hundred Wind Wolf Dragon has already been behind the Ape Gulong,It opened its mouth,Bite directly at the back of the neck of the ancient dragon!
Sharp fangs,Bite down,The blood was sprayed directly。
Ape Gulong covers the back of his neck,Frantically ran into the Hundred Wind Wolf Dragon,Chaotic Wind Wolf Dragon dodges sensitively,And immediately raised a turbid wind,Retreated to a safe position。
Ape Gulong is injured,Jiang Zhiyi’s face looks ugly。
Was fooled by the other party。
Jiang Zhiyi didn’t expect this Lichuan Mulong Master who looked like a reckless man,It’s also a brainer。
“Juggling,Don’t be embarrassed here anymore,Let you know that in front of absolute strength,How naive and ridiculous your fighting skills are!”Jiang Zhiyi still has that proud posture。
When he uttered these words,Ape Gulong also roared continuously。
Roar like a giant drum,The gravel ground is shaking。
Ape Gulong’s flesh helmet suddenly became hot,Its chest、shoulder、Arm、Both feet are hot steam,quickly,Ape Gulong is hot and boiling,Like a furnace that is burning!
The blood behind it,Quickly steamed dry,It doesn’t matter if the bite is open。