“The world is shrinking,Swallowed by a huge black hole made of dark matter,I saw countless mighty heavens have become ruins,Including God Realm and Shura Realm,Otherwise we won’t meet in the mortal world,Seriously,The destruction of the heavens and worlds is accelerating,Go on like this,No one world can avoid the doomsday。”

“Little friend is alarmist, right??”
“Not alarmist,God knows well。”
“What can you do?”Great Shura suddenly burst into light in his wilting eyes,There is a light blue bead out of thin air in my hand,In the center of the bead is a golden light spot,Extremely eye-catching,It was the promised token that Li Tianzhen gave to Black Mountain Shura ten days ago,The other side takes it out,Obviously it has something to do with the things that this pearl predicts,And extremely important。
“Find something to restrain dark matter,There may be a way to survive。”Li Tianzhi’s serious answer,I also deliberately ignored the abnormal changes in the opponent’s mood。
“absurd!”Great Shura waved his hand,“Do you know what that dark matter is?If there is restraint,How can I abandon my ancestral land,Came to this poor country?”
“Appreciate further details。”Li Tianzhen respectfully and respectfully,The opponent is an old monster from Luo Yuanqing’s time,I don’t know how many years I have lived,Have been to the endless void again,Must understand dark matter,At least more than he knows,Of course it’s worth it,Brainstorming,The more you know about dark matter,The greater the probability of finding a restraint method。
“Are you pretending to be confused??”Great Asura God put his hands on his back,Unhappy,The face suddenly became cold,“You and I are both upper gods and demons,Should open the skylight to speak brightly,The way to survive is not the only way to restrain dark matter,Otherwise what do you do to me?”
Great Shura God is talking,The light blue beads are held between two fingertips,But staring at Li Tianzhi,“This is the congenital soil,It’s a pity that he has lost his vitality,Where did you get it?Or you know the whereabouts of the ancient gods?”
Chapter nine hundred and eight Refugees from the Heavens
Li Tianzhi had expected this to happen,Ten days ago, it was helpless to get out of trouble,Otherwise it will be difficult for him to escape the entanglement of those Shura,I also had a glimmer of hope in my heart,Can find allies in this period of the invasion of the mortal world,Also very important,Although it’s dangerous,Can always try。
It’s far from the time to turn your face right now,Need to observe in strain,The Great Asura God can be so careful in the mortal world,And restrain subordinates,In addition to worrying about being suppressed by the law,And being cautious and suspicious,Maybe even experienced,Thought of here,Li Tianzhen smiled slightly,“It is indeed a soil,I found it in an abandoned ruin of the heavens,As for the ancient gods you are talking about,There has been no news since I entered the Temple of War。”
There is already a faint hot flame in the eyes of the Great Asura God,But the feeling for Li Tianzhen is very cold,“Little friend’s words are not true,Think about the world that was ejected by black holes,Urgent castration,Do you have any supernatural powers to catch up?”
“I am not chasing,But hit it head-on,Avoid。”Li Tianzhen wry smile,I took out a small finger-sized porcelain bottle from my arms,“For this,I paid too much,The Great Asura God should be able to tell,My golden body is gone。”
The second half of this sentence is true,Since Li Tianzhen entered the Shura Red Fire Palace,The Great Asura god saw at a glance that he was missing a golden body,This is rare,Unless you have suffered a serious injury that is irreversible,That’s why he had the idea to give Li Tianzhen a chance,On the one hand, explore the other side’s reality,On the other hand, confirm your own judgment。
Because anyone who can reach the realm of the main god,In addition to magical powers,And it must be three bodies in one,Body、Golden body and soul,The three are indispensable,This is usually a sign of the supremacy of other races。
Take the God Realm as an example,Physical body,Golden Body Lord Divinity,Primordial godhead,The combination of the three has the power of earth-shaking,The lack of any body will greatly reduce their own strength,The stunned green who claims to be the god of war in front of me,Not only missing the golden body,Even the flesh has major defects,The original strength has been cut by more than half,Actually fell from the altar,Who gave him the ability and courage to go to the endless void,I can come back alive,There are many secrets in this child,Seems to be in a hurry。