“Now you can’t go,I want you to pay a fair.。”

Li Hui has directly blocked a few people.。
No one thought that Li Hui Feng actually took the initiative to leave someone,Follow their thinking,Li Hui Feng should also not want to sang。
“Your scum is also so embarrassed to let us leave?
We are not left today.,How can you?”
Li Hui Feng, the practice of this halfway, and some people are also panicked.。
After all, the police came.,Just investigate this matter,So soon, I will leave the stone.。
They just thought that the task was not difficult.,Then, I’m coming, Li Ping is enough.。
I even thought about it.,But the amount is not large,After all, the amount is big, Li Hui, maybe alarm, this matter they are also counting.。
I didn’t expect them to start their skills.,Li Hui said directly to the police.。
“If you don’t leave it, you will prove that you are confirmed.,Even the Lu Director of our school is a group of people.。”
“Lee,What are you talking??”
Land Tian faces Li Hui Feng, this sudden allegation,It’s also stunned.,It’s hard to look at the face.。
He didn’t think that Li Hui Feng suddenly turned the spear to him.。
“Lu Director,I can say anything.,I have alarm.,You still want them to walk?
I still have to deal with this thing.?”
“I am afraid you think later, I will fall into me.?”
In the face of Li Hui’s words,Land Tian’s face is also a bit hard to look。
“Lee,You don’t want a dog to bite Lu Dongbin, don’t know your heart.,Since you feel that I am helping them,That thing you handle yourself.,Humph!”
Say,He turned directly。
Because he knows again,Maybe you really have to do something。
See the back of land,Lu Zi suddenly feels that this thing seems to be somewhat not.。
Immediately secretly。
Li Hui’s departure from Lu Zi,No opinion,Instead, he is willing to see each other。
Alliance,So the next thing is good。
The police quickly arrived.。
With the arrival of the police,Several little girls are pale。
The panic in the eyes of the two old actors is also obvious.,However, it is obvious that they are better than a few little girls.。
“Police comrades,I will catch him quickly.,He bullies our family,After drinking, put our family a woman.”Say,Middle-aged women cry directly。
That looks a little different,Li Hui Feng feels that he believes.。