Banana lubricates your stomach

Banana lubricates your stomach

Unusual living habits on weekdays are the cause of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

In order to prevent these diseases from occurring, moderate exercise and a balanced nutritional supplement diet are quite important.

The nutritional balance is good, and it can prevent cancer, and what attracts everyone’s attention is the “banana.”

  In the Japanese Cancer Society last year, it published a report that bananas have the effect of improving immunity and preventing cancer. Eating two bananas a day can effectively improve physical fitness; thus, bananas are cheap, easy to eat, and easy to carry, and are healthy.Nutrients, really can be said to be “magic fruits.”

  Bananas are quite effective for weight loss because they are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber.

Bananas are very sweet, so people think that calories must be very high. Actually, a banana (about 100 grams net weight) has only 87 calories, compared with the amount of white rice (150 grams and 220 cards)., about half of the low calories.

  Bananas can be used as breakfast, diet foods in the recovery of life, the use of health foods, or supplements to supplement people with uneven diet, more and more.

Bananas contain all the vitamins and minerals, so you can easily get a wide range of nutrients from bananas.

Among them, bananas contain quite a lot of potassium and magnesium.

Potassium prevents blood pressure from rising and muscle contraction; magnesium removes fatigue.

  Because of the digestion of bananas, the attraction is quite good, so from children to the elderly, you can eat with peace of mind and replenish balanced nutrition.

There are more and more people who don’t eat breakfast recently, and the source of vitality for one day is breakfast. Therefore, bananas that are immediate and can maintain energy continuously become the most suitable food for breakfast.

In addition, because bananas are low-calorie foods, even those who are losing weight can eat without worry.