359 Can you be a little prosperous

“nonsense,It’s not Ru Yao, can I say it’s a baby!”
Chen Xiuchong picked out a few Ru Kiln azure narcissus basins that could not be repaired.、Lotus warm bowl、Borneol hat bowl、Sky Celadon Glazed Three-legged Hyun Wen Squat……
“Don’t sell too much at once,Too much is worthless。Although these pieces are incomplete and difficult to repair, they are exactly the same。But the defect area is not very large,Finding a craftsman to make up with gold is also an innovative art。It should be possible for the local tyrants in Shacheng to snatch it!”
Chen Xiu Baqi、Eight pieces of Ru kiln remains to Gong Daoming,The latter is a playful saying:“Special,I can’t bear such a good thing。Or we don’t sell it,Keep it for me!”
“Look at you
360 The Four Sons of Shacheng
The four sons of Shacheng don’t know Tang Yuanyuan regardless of the family business,Just shocked by her looks,But I see many local entrepreneurs、I always go over and greet Tang Yuanyuan politely, but I also know that Tang Yuanyuan’s identity is definitely not easy,I didn’t dare to go over and strike up a conversation。
“past,Inquire about her identity!”Wang Jingyu whispered to the assistant behind him。
After a while,Assistant back,The other third son also craned his neck and listened。
“Wang Shao,She is Tang Yuanyuan from the Tang Family of Magic Capital。”
The other three sighed,The rose is beautiful but prickly!
Although they are not doing their jobs,But the Tang family
361 you,Not as good as dogs
Wang Jingyu clapped and walked towards Tang Yuanyuan,The applause attracted everyone’s attention,Have watched,Even took the opportunity to speak loudly:“Miss Tang,The Tang family, the magic capital, is really different。A bodyguard is so good,Is it bullying us that there is no one in Shacheng?!”
Chen Xiu couldn’t help but look at Wang Jingyu,Thought to myself:“This guy is smart,This put Tang Yuanyuan on the opposite side of Shacheng,I can’t ignore him anymore!”