“Go to sleep,Don’t worry about me,Not still black teeth、Qing Zhuo、Moxie with me,Tianshalong will not rebel in one or two years,By then it will really rebel,Maybe you still need to suppress it。”I wish Minglang continue to comfort Bingchen and Bailong。

Xiaobai slowly closed his eyes,Although very unwilling,It is still unable to resist the distress,And the ice silk that blooms like ice flowers and snow silk is spreading wantonly,Almost occupy the entire spiritual realm,Let the spiritual realm become a shocking and gorgeous white。
Zhu Minglang is watching Xiaobai Qi,I also secretly marveled in my heart,What kind of creature is Xiao Bai?,Why is it different from an ordinary dragon,It should not degenerate as long this time as last time,After all, my current spiritual realm is of the spiritual spring level,Sleep in it for a day,Equivalent to one hundred days outside。
Maybe it won’t take half a year,How did Xiao Bai pass the degeneration period,And then began to change!
Fortunately, the realm of the dragon shepherd has also improved,Can speed up practice,Wait till it stings and becomes reborn,Infancy、Growth period、Maturity、Complete period,These four stages are also passed at a hundred times the speed of the past!
One or two years later,Maybe Xiaobai’s cultivation base will surpass the Tianshalong!
“Mr. Koi,How did Xiao Bai degenerate into reincarnation?。”Zhu Minglang said to Mr. Koi。
“Really??”Mr. Koi’s eyes have light。
“Yep,I can feel its vitality is fading。”Zhu Minglang nodded seriously。
“This degradation is actually very dangerous,It’s as easy as some mayfly,Life span of only a few days,But because of your spiritual covenant,So that its life has a guarantee,Will not directly degenerate to extinction。very good,very good,It is the upper monarch level cultivation base that enters the next reincarnation sting,Then it wakes up next time,It may be the blood of the Dragon King,Just like the evil dragon,Will even surpass the Fiend Dragon!!”Mr. Koi was very excited and excited。
I was still worried about Zhu Minglang just now,How to train a dragon king in one or two years,To suppress the rebellious Shastar Dragon,Don’t worry about it now,Bai Qi enters the next cycle,Will surpass the Dragon!!
“I am now in Lingquan Lingquan,Can make spiritual practice nearly a hundred times faster,It won’t be long this time.?”Zhu Minglang said。
“rest assured,Won’t take too long,what,I remember,Can shorten the degradation time,Do you know bird’s nest?”Mr. Koi said。
“I know。”
“Huangwo,Correct,You can call it like that,It is a nest of young phoenixes built by mixing saliva secreted by the holy spirit of the phoenix over ten thousand years with other substances,If you can get this,It can definitely shorten the degradation time,And maybe it can promote the level of transformation。”Mr. Koi said。
Bird’s nest,
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