Accelerate the construction of the old-age health service system (no light light)

Tai Chi, eight paragraphs, fan dance … Today, more and more elderly people join the national fitness team.

The State Council issued by the National Fitness Program (2021-2025) "pointed out that the degree of fitness facilities, research and promoting sports fitness leisure projects suitable for the elderly, organizing events suitable for the elderly.

This initiative is to promote health aging, better meet the fitness needs of the elderly.

Population aging is an important trend in social development, and it is also the basic national state of my country in the future.

At present, the problem of "longevity is unhealthy" in my country is more prominent, and the situation of survival, and more common. In 2019, my country’s per capita expectancy has been raised to the age, but the per capita health expectancy is only one year old.

In addition, there is about 40 million in part of my country, and some of them have more than 15 million people in the elderly. The status of "long-lived unhealthy" does both affect personal happiness and bring a heavy burden to the family and society.

Achieving health aging is an active response to the core of population aging, and is also a long-lasting for the aging of population aging.

The old man is safe, and the family security is social security.

Only in full improvement of the health level of the elderly, prolonging health expectancy, in order to lay a good foundation for economic and social development.

Realizing health aging, we must adhere to the concept of great health, and vigorously promote the transition from "centered" to "centered". The health of the elderly should start "reserves" when he is not sick. We must put health education and treatment of diseases in the same important position, advocate the concept of "everyone is the first responsible person", stimulating the elderly love health, pursuing health, and developing health in line with their own and family characteristics Lifestyle, reasonable diet, scientific exercise, smoking cessation, psychological balance, strive to achieve "not sick, less sick, late disease" goals. To encourage and guide units, communities, families, and resident individuals to take effective intervention for major health problems and influencing factors, forming a government active leadership, broad participation in society, and personal self-discipline, continue to improve health expectancy.

Realizing health aging, a perfect health service system must be established, providing high-quality and efficient integrated medical and health services for the elderly. It is necessary to meet the needs of health services to satisfy the health services of the elderly, and construct a comprehensive continuous, cultural continuous, cultural continuous, cultural continuous, urban and rural areas, including health education, preventive health, disease diagnosis, rehabilitation care, long-term care, and peacekeeping care.

Keep focusing on the prevention and management of chronic diseases, strengthen health management, rehabilitation care, long-term care and spiritual comfort, etc., comprehensively improve the health level of the elderly.

Implement the elderly to prevent and prevent the project, the elderly mental care project, through early involvement and prevention, avoid or delay the patients with disease, mislead, etc., and shorten the disease life. Accelerate the construction of the elderly health service system, promote the development of the National Alternative Medical Center, the National Senior Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center, accelerate the construction of the secondary and above comprehensive hospitals, promote the construction of the old hospital, rehabilitation hospital, nursing institute and the peacekeeping mechanism .

Realizing health aging, health must be integrated into all policies, and vigorously build seniors. The World Health Organization is divided into 8 aspects, including transportation, housing, outdoor space and architecture, community support and health services, exchanges and information, social participation, respect and social inclusive, public participation and employment. We must promote various industries in various fields to be upgraded and upgraded in terms of management, service, etc., and gradually improve the social imperial treatment system for the elderly. Effectively solve the difficulties in the use of intelligent technology, and strive to eliminate the "digital gap" in travel, medical, consumption, entertainment, and doing things, so that the elderly people can better adapt and integrate into wisdom society, and improve the elderly society. Participate in the level, effectively enhance the elderly to give sense, happiness, and safe sense. Healthy and longevity, is the eternal pursuit of human beings, is also the dream of everyone. Realize health aging, and related to the country’s long-term development, involving thousands of households.

I hope that the whole society will jointly care about the health problems of the elderly, integrate health aging concept into all aspects of economic and social development, and continue to increase the healthy and well-being of the elderly, turn the "Yinfa Wave" into "longevity bonus", so that the elderly have a healthy and happy In the old age, you have a young man with the future you can expect. Originally published in the People’s Daily (19 October 29, 2021) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.