Fuming pouted,Ready to leave with Bai Ai。 “stop!” An angry shout behind,Three people stand still,Look behind。 A guy dressed in luxury appeared,People around have avoided,Like avoiding the plague god。 “do we know each other?” The corner of the man’s mouth twitched slightly and said:“My name is Luo Xing,Ranked third internally!”Continue Reading

“Did you insult a girl so much??Also intimidated!You bastard,Can’t see it,You are fat enough!”Brother Dog yelled at me ruthlessly in a just Chinese dress,I understand this is another bastard who is angry and crowned as a beauty。 “Apologize first!Apologize honestly!Let’s talk about things!”He is like a judge who enforces theContinue Reading

And the other,But Palace Master Li Xing was stunned,That is Master Ming Dao。 He didn’t know the Ming Daojun who was ranked above him,But also read the other party’s information。 Can defeat the combination of Suimeng and Ugly King with a Dharmakaya,Very strong,But it’s just the power of the Taoist。Continue Reading

But judging from the way he killed Zhou Jianye and the two of them,This person may be doubleXMaster,Great strength,Zhou Jianye was killed by him directly breaking the bones of his body! I predict,The true strength of this person can be compared to the initial cultivation base of Rank 7,It’s easyContinue Reading

Li Hui has directly blocked a few people.。 No one thought that Li Hui Feng actually took the initiative to leave someone,Follow their thinking,Li Hui Feng should also not want to sang。 “Your scum is also so embarrassed to let us leave? We are not left today.,How can you?” LiContinue Reading

Back to Donglin Building,Guo Meili is very busy holding the phone,When she saw Xia Jian,Smiled and said:“Oh my manager Xia!You only have Xiping Village in your heart,Don’t you care about my business??“ “What happened?“Xia Jian asked softly,Sat down。 Guo Meili told Xia Jian to sit down,Immediately said to Xi ZhenContinue Reading

“Xia is so tired all day,Let him drive,Just hit a di“Guo Meili, sitting in front, hurriedly said for Xia Jian。 Xi Zhen smiled and said:“Also“ Qingshan County, for Xi Zhen,This is the first time。Guo Meili is sitting in front,Keep guiding her the route。The car is on the national highway,There isContinue Reading

Observing the subtle Du Xiaohong immediately laughed softly:“what happened?Do you think it smells bad??From a friend,When going out today,I want to see Boss Wang,So I sprayed it twice” “is it?”Wang Youcai hits a snake with a stick,He secretly grabbed Du Xiaohong’s little hand,Touched it lightly。 Du Xiaohong asked calmly:“You areContinue Reading