Xiaobai slowly closed his eyes,Although very unwilling,It is still unable to resist the distress,And the ice silk that blooms like ice flowers and snow silk is spreading wantonly,Almost occupy the entire spiritual realm,Let the spiritual realm become a shocking and gorgeous white。 Zhu Minglang is watching Xiaobai Qi,I also secretlyContinue Reading

“Not right,It stands to reason that my blow just now is enough to make it unable to stand up,How is this going”Fuming is a little trapped,I even thought that the force of my shot just now was a bit weak? “Kid,Beware,It’s something wrong”Long Yuan’s voice suddenly remembered,Remind Fuming to payContinue Reading

“nonsense,It’s not Ru Yao, can I say it’s a baby!” Chen Xiuchong picked out a few Ru Kiln azure narcissus basins that could not be repaired.、Lotus warm bowl、Borneol hat bowl、Sky Celadon Glazed Three-legged Hyun Wen Squat…… “Don’t sell too much at once,Too much is worthless。Although these pieces are incomplete andContinue Reading

Zhao Hongyi listen,Said a little flustered:“To shut up!What nonsense?I’m fine like this,What marriage?End today and leave tomorrow,I can’t do you” Two people talking room,Zhao Hong’s home is here。Groping,Zhao Hong found the key,Opened the door。In a yard,Dark。Not a trace of light,Makes people feel terrified。Xia Jian only realized,Zhao Hong is alone,Have beenContinue Reading

“You promised me,The position of the patriarch must be mine!” “I don’t know if this biography is true or not.,Have to look at the situation” “true and false?True or false,This seat is now in Murong Qingling’s hands,Even fake!” “I know,I have thought of a way now,Murong Qingling is sitting inContinue Reading

“I interviewed him last month,I also saw the photos of his works posted on Weibo,Is very good。but,He……”Poems,She doesn’t like talking about others behind her back。Especially when you can’t say good things。 “Ji Yunfeng is a nice person,Just a little arrogant。But this is not surprising,Won the architectural design award at aContinue Reading

Logically,Ma Xiaofeng is the head of a town,On this matter,Liu Yongsheng should be weaker,But the hateful must have something to hate。Xia Jian is also from Liu Yousheng,Fulfilled this sentence。 Cleanse,Return 50,000 yuan,And raise her daughter。What makes Xia Jian unable to understand the most is,Why does Ma Xiaofeng’s raised daughter haveContinue Reading

“Ten years of effort,In vain!”Li Ming smiled and shook his head。 For the ancestors,Ten years is like a moment in the eyes of mortals,A waste of ten years is not worth mentioning。 “Only ten years,Someone came again,It’s interesting。” “Three Taoists,Please come in!” Spread out,Form a channel。 Three figures walk inContinue Reading

———— 1041 parachute Ge Hong shook his head and said:“What else,I’m fed up with thunder,It’s better to be stoned to death than to be struck by lightning……” “Hush!” Chen Xiu interrupted him suddenly,Excited to say:“Maybe we can’t die!” “You have a way to escape here?” Chen Xiu is standing up,PullContinue Reading