“Little friend is alarmist, right??” “Not alarmist,God knows well。” “What can you do?”Great Shura suddenly burst into light in his wilting eyes,There is a light blue bead out of thin air in my hand,In the center of the bead is a golden light spot,Extremely eye-catching,It was the promised token thatContinue Reading

these things,Is Xia Jian’s favorite。On eating noodles,It’s not an exaggeration for him to eat three bowls by himself for such a small bowl,But in front of Yang Ying and the others,He has to maintain his elegant image。 Once the food is on the table,Yang Ying and Luo Xiaoyi ate veryContinue Reading

Wright started,With his current gravitational space method,Transform into gravity,Even the six-star elves have to be directly bound,Seven-star elves might escape。 Two ordinary upper gods,Naturally can’t escape。 Cecilia is unaffected by Wright’s gravity,The endless sword light directly wrapped these two upper gods。 “Ah ah ah!”The screams came from the sword light。ButContinue Reading

Am i special…… This is really treating yourself as a pervert!! Ling Jing is akimbo,Smug: “Senior has been staring at my sister’s shoes today,I get it,Really unexpected,Senpai still has such a hobby。” Immediately,Jingpu gritted his teeth and raised his head to send this thing back,But this rise,People in Jingpu areContinue Reading

Guan Tingna smiled and said:“My dad is from Bucheon,My mother is southZJof。Living with grandma。I don’t even know my dad’s phone number,I called mom just now,My mom notified my dad” “Your mom can forgive your dad,You should be able to。You are father and daughter anyway,There can be no hatred between fatherContinue Reading

I didn’t expect a woman to cry at this moment:“Comrade Police,This man he bullied,You can’t leave it alone。Otherwise, I will die in front of you”This woman is crying,While still slapping,Really look like a shrew。 “enough!Isn’t it embarrassing enough?!Your husband has already recruited all in front,You just wait to go toContinue Reading

Yan Xiaoyi seemed to realize something,Asked knowingly。 “Regardless of them,This is my sister Mo Mo,Stay in the inn from now on……” Xiangyang suddenly thought,It seems that I haven’t consulted Mo Mo yet,Look back,Mo Mo also smiled and accepted Xiangyang’s arrangement for herself。 “I’ll be a front desk clerk here fromContinue Reading

Huang Zetao wanted to leave a bunch of trash talk about Xiangyangsichun,But I haven’t waited for Huang Zetao to speak,Xiangyang’s pile of taunting skills have all been lost,Hit a wave of damage,Huang Zetao and their little brothers were stunned by Xiangyang。 And after the fuse is lit,Huang Zetao and theContinue Reading