Fuming pouted,Ready to leave with Bai Ai。 “stop!” An angry shout behind,Three people stand still,Look behind。 A guy dressed in luxury appeared,People around have avoided,Like avoiding the plague god。 “do we know each other?” The corner of the man’s mouth twitched slightly and said:“My name is Luo Xing,Ranked third internally!”Continue Reading

Li Tianzhi stretched out his left hand to recall the leaf knife,Right hand volley,Drag the unwilling black dragon back,Turned into a big black gun,Then it became two plain black scrolls,Collected in God’s Treasure。 “The instructor is sorry。”Li Tianzhen caught up with the instructor who was trying to climb the cliff,InContinue Reading

Luo Yi thought for a while and said:“Ok!Go ahead!If you really can’t come back,You have to call me”Luo Yi suddenly seemed very open-minded。 Xia Jian glanced at his watch and said:“I have to go,The afternoon is a bit tight,Otherwise, I’m busy”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。He took two napkins,WipingContinue Reading

Li Ming shook his head,If it is after the first era,Then all the world beasts under his command must fight,This is risky。 now,He went to hunt the world beast Mohe,A world beast to carry,And the other end is placed in a small universe,Even if you are unlucky, this world beastContinue Reading

Two bowls of noodles finally came up,Xia Jian and Gao Qiaoli ate。I was very hungry just now,May have heard the bad news,Mood affected,Xia Jian’s bowl of noodles ate for a while,Didn’t eat it。 Gao Qiaoli eats fast,She put down her chopsticks,I glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Don’t eat if youContinue Reading

Wang Youcai based on his own judgment,I found out the medicine that is more suitable for the child to reduce fever。Then follow the instructions,He made a deliberate reduction,Then asked Julan to serve her son。 Everything is ready,Wang Youcai glanced at his watch and said:“It’s exactly eight o’clock,This medicine will workContinue Reading

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Feiye!When this land is in your hands,Current market price,But if it is auctioned,Definitely not the market price,This is one。This two?Since this piece of land is beside the park,Then your marketing must focus on the park“ “You say so,I basically understand“Hu Huiru laughed,Some tea was added toContinue Reading

Zheng Tianming also noticed the situation here,He suddenly saw it。 To know,Who is he Zheng Tianming,Prominent family history。 and,Who doesn’t know,He Zheng Tianming likes Wei Yuyan。 But now,Wei Yuyan was with other men,And it looks,Still talking and laughing。 Now,It makes Zheng Tianming feel very bad。 “Look over。” Zheng Tianming saidContinue Reading

“Oh!Here are some friends I know,Come in and say hello,I will be there soon“Hu Huiru smiled and said to Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai saw Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian sitting on this table,My face couldn’t help but change。 “Do you know Ouyang City and Xia Jian?“Wang Youcai asked Hu Huiru inContinue Reading