Leilenu,Unconvinced。 Zhang Fenglan sighed and said:“All right!Don’t care about this。The top priority now is to cure my disease。Call your Uncle Liu quickly,I’ll make arrangements for you when he comes” Lei Lei nodded and then left。Zhang Fenglan shook her head and said:“Made President Xia laugh,This daughter has been studying abroad,It didn’tContinue Reading

I immediately came out,road:“High total,Just now, the wind is joking with you.,Do you want it?? Look at it, you are in our classmates.。” Sun Yaru told this when he said this.,The feeling of tension is to promote a different temptation to high.,Other attraction。 “Hey-hey,Yaru,This matter is between our two men,AndContinue Reading

A middle-aged woman in a flowery bush,He turned to Xia Jian who was standing inside the gate,Whisper:“He kicked it out,If I hadn’t seen it,I can’t believe this kid has real kung fu on his feet“ It turns out that Xia Jian had a stinking problem since he was a child,IContinue Reading

“Let me say a few words,This time the Jagged Blade completed such a difficult task,I also know that the iron-blooded blade has suffered heavy losses。” “You are all good,Actually, I have been hesitating whether to open this commendation meeting,After all, your comrade-in-arms just left。” “But then I think the commendationContinue Reading

Doctor Lu laughed and said:“You may have forgotten one thing!My old house has a real estate certificate,You find an evaluation company to evaluate,To ICBC。ABC, you can use the small clinic to guarantee it!Our daily revenue,They ABC knows best” “Yes indeed!Why did I forget this。But I dare not use your property”WangContinue Reading

“Oh!Sorry,Forgot to introduce to you”Yao Junli said and laughed,So I introduced Xia Jian and Chen Yong。The three of them sat down。 Yao Junli glanced at Chen Yong,And said with a faint smile:“Mr. Chen, just say anything,Nothing to avoid” “it is good!Then I said。Things are like this,Hu Huiru and I hadContinue Reading

“No……” Ling Rouran shook her head repeatedly。 I had to watch Fang Yu leave! After Fang Yu goes back,Changed clothes。 Drove to Hu’s house。 “You are so punctual today……” Hu Yili saw Fang Yu coming,Surprised。 “The recipe is done,You have to do the assembly line……”Fang Yu took out a sketch,HandedContinue Reading

quickly,Li Ming in the witch universe‘drop’A moment,Take out teacher Huyanbo’s legacy—Increased Li Ming’s wealth by about one-tenth,Then put the blood pupil on the Imperial Capital of the Dry Witch Empire。 As for the earth,Li Ming didn’t go back。After all, these four guards are still there,Although Li Ming can trust themContinue Reading