“Is it weird,Why must I keep a piece of mortal world here?” No answer,Don’t know how to answer。 “Starting from Metaverse,The entire universe is directly or indirectly created by the homeland,The power of rules makes this world take shape,And can continue to develop independently,From the original universe to the present,Twenty-twoContinue Reading

He opened the door and took a look,I saw Zhao Hong standing at the door angrily。Xia Jian hurriedly pulled her in,Quickly closed the door。He is like this,For fear of others seeing。 “You are so inconvenient,You can speak on the phone,I won’t come。Ran so far to see you,Don’t send someone toContinue Reading

“is it,Ha ha。”The two got in the car and started the return journey,Yu Ge was driving while chatting with Xia Shuyue,“My boss treats me very well,Buy me a car。” It’s 2003,Even mobile phones are not very popular,Not to mention the car,As long as you have something that smokes,In Xia Shuyue’sContinue Reading

The old way replied,Take the sword in hand and say:“Among them, there are a few tricks that are not suitable,Let’s watch the old way drill again。”Talking,Sword up,From Form 1 to Form 12,Slowly perform one trick,Explain the essence of the sword tactics while performing。 Xu Wan followed the drill several times,TheContinue Reading

“This doesn’t explain anything。” “Correct,But when you first entered the door,A table of guests near the stairs,Obviously familiar with him,But he pretended not to know,So I think there is a problem with Ann。” “This is kind of interesting,How many people at that table?” “Five。” “Then why did you hesitate again??”Continue Reading

Leo shook his head:“But your goal is too far,And you don’t have such strength,The goal of destroying the dragons and the world is destined to be just a fantasy!” “Haha!It seems you know me well,Even know my ideals?” Leo shrugged,Then raise the knife again:“All right,Almost talking,It’s time to do it!”Continue Reading