Ma Yan took Qin Xiaomin out of the yard,I came to the backyard of Zhao Hong’s house and then stood down。Zhao Hong is gone,Her in-laws didn’t want to come back because of sadness。So her yard became an empty yard。 And Xia Jian’s side,In the yard,Also empty。In addition, Zhao Hong isContinue Reading

“Yang Gezao。”Cen Cheng’s classmates watched them talk happily,Also surround。 “Did you eat breakfast,Let’s go eat together?”Yang Yongwen。 “your treat。”A girl blinked and asked。 Yang Yong shook his head,“Six of you,My treat,One day’s salary is gone,AAsystem。” “A big man,You’re too lucky。”Another girl also said。 “okay,Stop it,Let me make a treat today,WhatContinue Reading

First2250chapter Disco incident Had lunch,Nalanyu still wants to chat with Xia Jian for a while,If Xia Jian left him immediately。He naturally knew the truth in this。 From Nalanyu’s face,Xia Jian saw her reluctance。But things in the world are like this,It is impossible to have a perfect ending for everything。 ComeContinue Reading

“Who taught your Huaxia?……Others will be,Why not this sentence?Not as good as,I will explain to you in English,how is it?” Fang Yu seriously。 “can!Doctor Fang, please explain……” Christina looked at Fang Yu,Waiting for Fang Yu’s answer。 “Just behave slightly……Otherwise people think you are my girlfriend!I don’t have a girlfriend yet,It’sContinue Reading

I saw the Lin family eldest master not only not angry,Instead he laughed and said:“See what you said,How can this matter have nothing to do with me,It can be said that it is not only related to me,And among these people who came today,At least five or six men haveContinue Reading

Woman stepping on a pair of high heels,But go fast,When Xia Jian catches up to the edge of the overpass,She has entered a small alley opposite,Xia Jian only saw his back。 A stride,Xia Jian didn’t wait to get off the overpass,Jumped off halfway,Shocked passersby for a while。Rush into the alley,TheContinue Reading

Tigers are also human,At this time, I saw my partner was shot to death by Chen Xiu,Even more angry,Far more powerful than usual,Thinking of the hunter rushing over。 The hunter avoided,Iron fork,“puff”The sound of,The tiger directly knocked over the iron fork in the hunter’s hand,Sweep Tiger Tail,Even tipped the hunterContinue Reading

Finally all the questions,Shi Mu Luo chuckled and sighed and said:“It’s five?” “……why?!”Yu Zhe asked incredulously,He feels he has tried his best。 He watched the screen replay again,Shi Mu was next to explain to him。 “look,When I ask the first two numbers,Your heartbeat is very smooth,But after the third number,BeganContinue Reading