Back to Donglin Building,Guo Meili is very busy holding the phone,When she saw Xia Jian,Smiled and said:“Oh my manager Xia!You only have Xiping Village in your heart,Don’t you care about my business??“ “What happened?“Xia Jian asked softly,Sat down。 Guo Meili told Xia Jian to sit down,Immediately said to Xi ZhenContinue Reading

“Xia is so tired all day,Let him drive,Just hit a di“Guo Meili, sitting in front, hurriedly said for Xia Jian。 Xi Zhen smiled and said:“Also“ Qingshan County, for Xi Zhen,This is the first time。Guo Meili is sitting in front,Keep guiding her the route。The car is on the national highway,There isContinue Reading

Xia Jian smiled and said:“This is also considered understanding?You are not afraid of being blinded by falsehood,It’s too late to regret in the future” “I’m not a fool, Gu Yue,What kind of person can make,What kind of person can’t be,I have my own opinion,One sentence,Stay!”Gu Yue said here,Staring at XiaContinue Reading

“If there is currently no gatekeeper。。。How about we take the opportunity to find the passage directly。”Although Wright is not afraid of these strange animals,But it’s good to get to the next level without fighting。 Just when Wright was searching for the passage on the first floor。 Unexpected,One hundred and eightContinue Reading

“This medicine has to be drunk for a long time to make old man Zang have problems……It seems,The other party is cautious!”Fang Yu said calmly。 “Hey……This is my little care。Doctor Fang also asked you to accept!” Zang Yun took out a check,Handed it to Fang Yu。 “do not……Mr. Zang, youContinue Reading

Li Shaoying looked,I found those big ladies were also kneeling on the ground,His face is full of tears but he dare not cry。 And the men in the village are tied up,There are still a few bloody bodies in front of the house,Obviously fought with robbers,But they were all killedContinue Reading

“left,There is the latest updated task,What level are you?”The staff drooped their eyelids,Apparently he just woke up。 “DLevel two” Staff one meal operation,Appears on the displayDTask。 Like escorting a certain caravan,What else to hunt for bounty missions?,Countless。 Take a look,I saw one that met the price in my heart,Pursuing theContinue Reading

“I go,I thought the legend was fake!” Qin Feng hadn’t done much wicked things like tomb robbers before,But once I heard some mercenaries talk about all kinds of incredible things in the tomb。 of course,Qin Feng at that time was just listening to it as some kind of legend,After all,Continue Reading