Every day, although he is physically,And was transformed by Xianquan,But I can’t hold it every day.。 “Cough small ya,I don’t have to be every day.,I am afraid that I can’t eat every day.。” Looking at Li Hui’s appearance,Qin Su Ya couldn’t help but laugh。 “See you scare you,I am jokingContinue Reading

Ning Feifei,“Fifi,Are you ready??” Ning Feifei:“Blue Director,do not worry,Already on the road,Coming。” Blue Xindao:“Fifi,just to confirm,Can’t delay time。” Originally, it was going to send it yesterday.,However, there are a few clothes yesterday.,I am pressing at this time.,She can only let them send it as soon as possible this morning.。 NingContinue Reading

“Seven magical rainbow finger”Still in its next,mainly“Swim”,It’s now the main body and light power of the Chu Deirers.,Tour the combination of void and small return,But when the Chu Debans,Basis that is capable of avatar。 Before there is alternative,Chu Deirers don’t want to have a brain! Just switch the dream afterContinue Reading

“mom!Your old man stayed up all night here,I registered the house,I’ll go back and rest。Since 2nd brother and 2nd sister-in-law are here,Give them a chance to fulfill their filial piety!”Wang Youcai said,I squeezed my eyes at my mother Chen Yueqin。 Chen Yueqin hesitated and said:“Ok!I’ll leave it to you here。OurContinue Reading

Woman’s instant change,The contrast is too big。This happiness comes a little too suddenly,Xia Jian couldn’t believe that this woman was Zhao Chunling?Be careful with him,Bite,I grabbed Zhao Chunling’s beautiful little hand。its not right!Her brother said she was a demobilized soldier,But this little hand has been sitting in the office forContinue Reading

“Lin Tianfu,You talk too much!” Fang Tong naturally wouldn’t let Lin Tianfu open up his old secrets,Not moving at all,One arm suddenly stretched out,Like two branches,From a weird angle,Is grabbing it on the wrist that appeared,Arm not close yet,That fierce claw wind,Make Chen Xiu’s eyelids twitch。 “What a weird combatContinue Reading

Chen Jing sees it,Constantly comforting her,Convince her that the police will guarantee her safety。 Di Minglei was thinking about the case calmly。 Asked for so long,In fact, there is no real clue,All questions were answered very vaguely,I don’t know if Shi Muluo really didn’t pay attention,Still deliberately concealing。 From herContinue Reading

“Can you find out where they went?” Trang shook his head:“Because although this Weibull is strong,But it’s not an important person,So no one specifically inquired about him,So I don’t know where they went!” Leo nodded,He is very satisfied with being able to do this。 indeed,Before Weibull defeated Zefa,He is anContinue Reading

Impact Master’s views on Wudang and not say,And the eighth hand is destroyed directly,Adhere to the ancestors,No these“Chaotic”s things。 However, Zhou Yuli still did not refuse? Even looked at the moon shadow,Secreture:Even the outsiders can do so much? Then I am……Make a chance,By the burial of the ancestral master! AndContinue Reading