“As for what to do,Actually now,It’s already been resolved。” Just here,When Wang Teng watched it a little bit。 While looking at these,Now,Wang Teng looks more and more serious。 “well,But for now,Actually these things,In itself,I didn’t feel the impact at all。” When Wang Teng watched this scene,at this time,Actually deal withContinue Reading

This is not too demanding,Does this woman have no idea?? This is almost the life that the world’s top richest can enjoy。 private plane、Private cruise…… I won’t mention these things for now.,Maintenance costs alone,The average rich can’t afford it。 Even many wealthy people want to lease private jets,In this way,Continue Reading

He didn’t know why the other person likes him.,I actually give him such a big welfare late late.。 Looking at Li Hui’s style,Li Cuihua is laughing directly。 “Gigbling you stupid,Xiao Li,You tell the truth with the scorpion,Like a scorpion??” “Forehead,dislike。” Although Li Huihe admitted that Li Cuihua body is good,GoodContinue Reading

Wang Lin raised her head and glanced at Xia Jian secretly,Just said in a low voice:“Guo Meili sent me a message yesterday,Say your work is done,But you have to accompany Lin Zongzai from Chenguang Animal HusbandryJLPlay for two days,So i called you this” “It’s just nonsense,Mr. Lin has done soContinue Reading

“I don’t want to hurt Xiaolong,But the two of my life,I want to revenge hate.。” Little dragon,Youth hair,Spider web general context extends to cheeks,The voice is also extremely old。 “Old man,A passerby,Let me talk about it.。” Liao Wenjie walked out of the shadow,See Xiaolong’s face,From the heart standing around Lyon。Continue Reading

Among Sun’s brothers,Pang Rong is the only one Li Tianchou hasn’t met,It’s inevitable to admit it wrong,So it’s Pang Rong who got injured in the lame leg just coming down the stairs.。 But Pang Rong is not what Li Tianchou is looking for,The Lord has been crushed in the tatteredContinue Reading

“I surrender。”Lu Fang sighed,A little lost and walked on。 “I’ll teach you this guy who doesn’t know good or bad!”Zeng Liang took the initiative to fight。 Sun Li also approved,Zeng Liang will play next。 …… Bai Yishu frowned,He glanced at the dragon that Zeng Liang called,Can’t help but speak toContinue Reading

“Ok,boss Zhang。” “Lawless。”Zhang Siwei just said。 Ten minutes later,Announcement posted,Everyone swarmed,Squeeze in to see,But there are many people watching,But no one left,It’s noon time,Someone sent a box of lunch to the person at the door。 Seeing it has become a protracted war,The manager asked Zhang Siwei worriedly,“How to do,boss?” ZhangContinue Reading