“Did you insult a girl so much??Also intimidated!You bastard,Can’t see it,You are fat enough!”Brother Dog yelled at me ruthlessly in a just Chinese dress,I understand this is another bastard who is angry and crowned as a beauty。 “Apologize first!Apologize honestly!Let’s talk about things!”He is like a judge who enforces theContinue Reading

And the other,But Palace Master Li Xing was stunned,That is Master Ming Dao。 He didn’t know the Ming Daojun who was ranked above him,But also read the other party’s information。 Can defeat the combination of Suimeng and Ugly King with a Dharmakaya,Very strong,But it’s just the power of the Taoist。Continue Reading

Observing the subtle Du Xiaohong immediately laughed softly:“what happened?Do you think it smells bad??From a friend,When going out today,I want to see Boss Wang,So I sprayed it twice” “is it?”Wang Youcai hits a snake with a stick,He secretly grabbed Du Xiaohong’s little hand,Touched it lightly。 Du Xiaohong asked calmly:“You areContinue Reading

Spread out,The rather embarrassed Bull Demon appeared in front of many gods。 The gods on both sides are a bit stunned,The change of Li Ming’s formation is just a matter of time,Besides, they can’t understand at all。 I was deadlocked for more than a year before,Why suddenly Palace Master ZhongshanContinue Reading

and so,After taking office as Marshal, Akadog became a bridgehead,All kinds of troubles。 Even Sengoku laughed at the red dog,It’s not that easy to be a marshal.。 A general who has been working for more than ten years will not have this problem theoretically.,After all, follow the Warring States,He shouldContinue Reading

“It’s ok,Just charge according to your policy。” Seeing Zhang Siwei very simply,Not bargaining at all,The receptionist asked happily,“Ok,Miss,How many people do you plan to invite?” Zhang Siwei opened his hand。 “Five people??”The receptionist asked。 “Is not,Fifty!” The receptionist was taken aback,Haven’t met someone who invited fifty people in one breath,GenerallyContinue Reading

Necro Flame Mountain,A scary bone dragon appeared,It has a pair of surprisingly large bone wings,It also has a body that is as long as a snake,No claws,There is a standing horn on the head,Show pride and wildness! ———— First327chapter Rebellion Zhu Minglang has been watching the battlefield in Runyu City,WhenContinue Reading

But he also knows the strength gap between Fuming and Yun Xiaofeng。 “perhaps,Can this kid do miracles?”Grand Elder watching the crack,Whispered in my heart。 “Elder,The agreed time in three minutes” Grand Elder waved his hand“Crack open!” The huge crack in front of me began to expand,Fuming and others in theContinue Reading

Naturally, you can’t use the original nine-pin zhenqi、Or training、bone、blood、marrow、Membrane these to divide the realm。 All the inner alchemy abilities have been absorbed cleanly,Turned into a pile of powder,The suffering is finally over,Chen Xiu climbed to the ground,Just breathe,Can’t get up for a while。 But faintly know that some extremely wonderfulContinue Reading