But judging from the way he killed Zhou Jianye and the two of them,This person may be doubleXMaster,Great strength,Zhou Jianye was killed by him directly breaking the bones of his body! I predict,The true strength of this person can be compared to the initial cultivation base of Rank 7,It’s easyContinue Reading

Heard thunder,In Zhu Minglang’s arms,I dare not open my eyes,Not to mention those pointed ears,Completely drooped down,Completely turned into a little fur ball。 I wish Minglang had to hold it and walk around。 Fortunately, after a few days of small cultivation,Xiaoyingling and Xiaoyejiao are growing up healthy,Get a little longer,ZhuContinue Reading

Things have reached this point,It stands to reason that Wang Youfa just shut up,I didn’t expect this guy to say:“What do i want a house for?You took out the silver dollars hidden in the house and gave it to me” “Bastard!Didn’t I bring you all this time??What do you wantContinue Reading

———— 1079 Heartbreaker Chen Xiu took it out of the space bag“Heartbreaker”,Faintly said to Lu Ming。 “Really a good guy,I still don’t explain the pain。If you can carry it,I let you go!” “puff!” Lu Ming spouts at Chen Xiu,It’s just that he is sealed off at this time,The saliva flewContinue Reading

Lin Yu,The power exposed at the moment,It’s not as simple as what I have seen。 of course,Except this one。 The other one is,I have never felt a sense of crisis。 now,Own heart,A sense of crisis。 Cultivate to your own realm,There is generally no sense of crisis in the heart,But nowContinue Reading

Wolf,Whether it is a first-level fighter, you can hit three or five ordinary beast wolves,Still an advanced Warcraft Wolf,All“Copper Head Iron Tail Tofu Loin”,The defense of the head is already very strong。What’s more, Fanglang is a monster of war,Earth elements penetrate its fur,Natural defense is stronger!Although Wright’s attack power isContinue Reading

Wright and Curton looked back,Although it seems to insert some inexplicable words,But the two also reacted quickly,There is a group of robbers relying on speed,Quickly snatch the cargo of the caravan。 There are several kinds of robbers who often rob in business roads,One is the real powerful bandit,Leaders who oftenContinue Reading

High-level groups like Uncle Bing and others,I also noticed the lack of confidence in the club recently,My brothers don’t work hard,The overall interests of the community have suffered a great loss,But I couldn’t find the reason for a while。 I just feel that the people under my hands are loose,TheContinue Reading