[] Core Tip: China Telecom Guangxi Company promoted the rapid development of local rural villages in the field of communications, industries, employment, and effectively consolidating the results of poverty. The reporter learned from Guangxi Baise City to investigate, China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. Guangxi Branch (hereinafter referred to as "ChinaContinue Reading

  At 12:25 on March 28, the 3U8415 flights flying by Sichuan Airlines stabilized in Yanji Chaoyangchuan International Airport, marking Sichuan Airlines Chengdu – Taiyuan – Yanji route’s first flight success. The opening of the route officially opened the prelude of Yanji Airport 2021 in summer. Sichuan Airlines Yanji – TaiyuanContinue Reading

Hebei Daily (Reporter is as good) employment is the biggest people’s livelihood, and is also the most basic support for economic development. On October 26, the Provincial Government Office issued the "Hebei Province Employment Promotion" 14th Five-Year Plan "clearly developed the goal. By 2025, the province has added 4 millionContinue Reading

Yesterday, the 2021 Yangtze River Delta hundred companies list released. The list with 2020 revenues of enterprises entry criteria, jointly issued by the Federation of the Yangtze River Delta provinces and one city business. This year the threshold finalists hundred enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta ranking increased by 21Continue Reading

People’s Daily November 17th (Fu Hao) According to Yunnan Health and Health Committee, 4 cases of new diagnosis cases in Yunnan were notified on November 16th, all of which were overseas input (Myanmar input).Overseas input existing diagnosed cases 80 cases. A total of 1228 cases were confirmed, and 1148 casesContinue Reading

Op 18 november werd de redacteur van Netcom vooraf in de Auto Show van Guangzhou genomen. De nieuwe auto is ontworpen met de Europese sportstijl en lanceert de twee ontwerptalen van α en hoofdtechnologie stijlvol. Daarnaast heeft de nieuwe Car Smart Cockpit twee stijlen, waardoor de cockpit van de heleContinue Reading

[Abstract] November 18 afternoon, Bank of China Shaanxi Branch party secretary, Liu Xiaoyu President and his entourage arrived fresh yellow vest investigation and exchange logistics base, a detailed study to understand fresh yellow vest electricity supplier, Dairy home delivery, through shops and other supply chain key business and urban constructionContinue Reading

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to foreign media, foreign media reported on October 11, recently, broke the newspaper to release a suspected Samsung Galaxys22ULTRA on social networking sites.According to the explosive, Samsung Galaxys222ULTRA will be equipped with an inch double surface intermediate punch display. However, this message cannot be confirmedContinue Reading

In order to inherit the excellent traditional culture, in-depth mining of the cultural connotation and the era of the Mid-Autumn Festival, talented to the Mid-Autumn Festival in Jilin, September 19th to 21st, Jilin Provincial Party Network Network Office around the family, traditional festival Customs, harvest reunion, etc. · Mid-Autumn FestivalContinue Reading