But it seems lucky,It’s always quiet all around,Until the string in his heart can’t be tighter,There was a clear cry in the distance ahead,Then there were two short beeps,Then the mountains became quiet again。 Howling like a tit,Another example,This is the field communication signal used by Hu Dehai and XuContinue Reading

In the upper room,Wang Degui lying on the big kang,Smoking the dry tobacco pipe right now。When he saw Wang Youcai,Like an electric hit,Sat up suddenly。 “dad!I read from the newspaper that our village was hit by flood again,So many days have passed since these three rushes and two rushes,Okay atContinue Reading

Lu Si looked at Su Seiming,have to say,Jingming this gossip mouth,Let A Cheng have isolated him.。 What you know this world know,You don’t know。 “All right,Let us go in and see。” Lu Hao became overcast,The car opened this time is his car who will go to the car.,He feels taste,IContinue Reading

“Correct!In fact, these are not special requirements,Follow the procedure,Should be done like this。Just sign this contract,There will definitely be other departments to intervene,This is inevitable。Also be fast,So as not to have long nights and dreams”Yao Junli said very seriously。 Xia Jian put down the red wine glass,Where to sit andContinue Reading

Li Ming had refined three hundred cave houses,There is a congenital spiritual treasure in these three hundred caves,And they were made by Li Ming himself。 of course,These three hundred innate spiritual treasures,Have medium grade、Top grade,As for the congenital best, there are no more than ten。 after all,Li Ming’s strongest magicContinue Reading

“Send supplies in so far.。”Zhou Ye is also to respect。 Chen Riyuan smiles:“Yes,Oblique,I didn’t send it.,Now logistics is not convenient。” Epidemic,Logistics has indeed become slow.。 Especially the infected epidemic district leading to Wuhan! Fang Ru Bing is already waiting downstairs.。 He saw everyone came,Appearance,Turkish:“Send you the last journey……” “heroes。” HeContinue Reading

thought long time,Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said to Wu Wu:“If you really read it right,We have to avoid him for the time being。Even if it happened,Turn around。Of course,If he provokes,We have to pretend to be soft” “Understand Choi!But this is not the same thing!In case he doesn’t knowContinue Reading

Take a transcript。Xia Jian hasn’t done anything like this,Just this kind of place,He didn’t want to come in from the bottom of his heart,But something happened,He can only cooperate with the investigation。 When coming out of the police station,It’s already over ten o’clock in the evening。But Xia Jian saw herContinue Reading

Memories that night,If God is in the sky,High height is not touching,The Kirlard in front of the eyes is the fog of crouching.,I thought that the iron sword can be broken.,result…… Break up,Behind the fog is the abyss,Is to swallow everything dark。 Be strong and weak,Shichuan five must not makeContinue Reading