afternoonctThe result is there.。 Sure enough,Ms. Sun has a small tumor on the left adrenal gland.。Tumor is not very big,Probably diameter0,7。If not high resolutionctNot easy to see。 It is estimated to be aldosterone tumor。Because this tumor is present,Result in increased aldosterone secretion,Thereby causing a series of issues,Including rising blood pressure(Ms.Continue Reading

Recently, the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau announced the results of the third batch of "National Forests and Cao Lord Experts" in the country. A total of 300 forest grass local experts were hired in the country. Protection, ecological restoration, garden greening, and economic forest planting areas have played aContinue Reading

But Chu Deirers and others,Naturally don’t have this thoughtful,These violent attacks“monster”,There is no meaning of your hand.。 However, this head is,It’s really not only physical,Not only powerful,And attacks on internal force,There is also a great resistance! As for the sword…… It is even more hard to live——This white longContinue Reading

Xinjiang Net News (Reporter Wang Lili) In the first quarter, Xinjiang’s financial overall operation was stable, showing a good situation of increased total, excellent structure, and decrease in cost. On April 27, the latest data released by the People’s Bank of China Urumqi Center Sub -branch showed that in theContinue Reading

A few thoughts of a teenager,The picture on the wall has changed again,The red flame gradually faded,There are ashes that symbolize destruction,Lead clouds began to appear in the sky,And getting thicker,The scope is getting wider,The land is barren,Showing a very monotonous off-white,quickly,The whole picture is much dim,The world on theContinue Reading

[] On the evening of May 31, the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the "China -Foundation Association") released the monthly report of private equity management products for securities and futures operation institutions in April. Data show that as of the end of April 2022, theContinue Reading

Is it possible that this is zero in the manipulation,Give him a psychological implies?? Koho looked at zero,It seems that I want to use the expression to ask everything,But this time is not as in the past.,I can understand his question and answer your questions.。 She also focused on theContinue Reading

Original title: Postal Savings Bank: Incorporating the overall situation of economic and social development Practice the responsibility of the state -owned bank as the Chinese Postal Savings Bank ("Postal Savings Bank") led by the party building, and the "inclusive urban and rural financial services have no distance" as the corporateContinue Reading