afternoonctThe result is there.。 Sure enough,Ms. Sun has a small tumor on the left adrenal gland.。Tumor is not very big,Probably diameter0,7。If not high resolutionctNot easy to see。 It is estimated to be aldosterone tumor。Because this tumor is present,Result in increased aldosterone secretion,Thereby causing a series of issues,Including rising blood pressure(Ms.Continue Reading

But Chu Deirers and others,Naturally don’t have this thoughtful,These violent attacks“monster”,There is no meaning of your hand.。 However, this head is,It’s really not only physical,Not only powerful,And attacks on internal force,There is also a great resistance! As for the sword…… It is even more hard to live——This white longContinue Reading

A few thoughts of a teenager,The picture on the wall has changed again,The red flame gradually faded,There are ashes that symbolize destruction,Lead clouds began to appear in the sky,And getting thicker,The scope is getting wider,The land is barren,Showing a very monotonous off-white,quickly,The whole picture is much dim,The world on theContinue Reading

Is it possible that this is zero in the manipulation,Give him a psychological implies?? Koho looked at zero,It seems that I want to use the expression to ask everything,But this time is not as in the past.,I can understand his question and answer your questions.。 She also focused on theContinue Reading

Blue Xin’s doubt,Pointed Mu Ziyou phone。 Mu Zi is playing a chicken,Suddenly I saw Blue Xin’s phone,He was shocked,I also take care of the equipment.。 He looked at the opposite side of a gloomy Lu Hao Cheng.,Quickly connect Blue Xin’s phone。 “Hey!Blue Director。” Lu Haocheng listened to this word,The gloomyContinue Reading

After Bai Li left,Xia Jian finally couldn’t sit still。He called Lin Wei from the hotel phone,Let her help order a copy fromGZFlight back to Bucheon,As a result, the ticket was booked at more than three in the afternoon。 Xia Jian sitting on the bed,Hang out for a while。He really doesn’tContinue Reading

“Negoton the Council?!” “Underground street?”One side is on the side of the long handle umbrella,The other hand is holding a mobile phone,“So saying that my direction is completely reversed.?” “From the intelligence analysis result left in the phone, it seems,Yes。”Then,Huang Quanchuan laughed some no heart,“So you have to cheer。” “neverContinue Reading

“Occasionally do some kinds of things。”Schr?dinger’s hands on the back,Irotive and went two steps,Say:“good luck。” Finish,Schr?dinger did not returned to the solar charging tree,Hanjiang one person。 “It’s ruthless.,Still is it??”Han Jiang said。 Schr?dinger willEINSTEINDoctoral heart,Help her origin to armed people。 Under the premise of mind,It will not be becauseContinue Reading

It’s impossible,That Xu Zhao dare to come again? “I hope so!I really trouble you today……If you don’t dislike it,Have a meal with me!”Sasha invited。 “I want to promise you too……But I have to go home for dinner at noon。Next time……” Fang Yu shook his head。 When I left Dongyu Hospital,GotContinue Reading