very nice。 Chapter 533 Humpling Five o’clock in a meal。 Zhou leaves the car to Mingsha Mountain。 槐 sitting on the car,Touching each car after the surrounding city tall building and side。 A piece of screen appearing from time to time,Blurry,And realistic interlaced。 The picture is a border town,Built inContinue Reading

She has always had a self-knowledge,Also worked hard。 She is also looking forward to,I can bring the shock to myself.,Where is the limit?? How much is her potential?? Li Yina Road:“Blue,Continental,go,Let’s take lunch first,The organizer arranged a buffet to us.,I will take you in the past now.。” Blue XinContinue Reading

“Hi!You guys know a fart,Don’t you look at the woman with a big butt and a thin waist?80% of him was caught by this woman,That’s why I drink beer,got it!”The person who said this was another crazy laugh。The other people also followed up,Yao Chunni blushed to the base of herContinue Reading

This,With those people around,You have said that I am talking here.。 After all, now,This matter itself,Relatively speaking,It is very important to。 And Shen Xuan,Although it is very clear。 But in strict sense,Shen Xuan is very clear,If you really,But Shen Xuan,Still can’t be too anxious。 “Humming,Just these,You think too simple.。”Continue Reading

Muzi:“……”Speak this academic,He is not as good as this party.? But she is so embarrassed,Where is the golden girl?。 Ostrich。 He has not left,After graduating from University, I started working together.,Successful。 However, Muzi has a kind of stealing chicken does not erode the feeling of rice.。 Got,He still closesContinue Reading

Inexplicable confidence! opinionated! In Qin Wuyou,Shen Xuan now this kind of confidence,It is from the big,No brain,After waiting for five days, he will teach him.! “It’s not early.,We hurry back.!” Finish,Shen Xuan to see time,It’s almost ten o’clock.,Several people go back to the way back。 Qin Wu is not slow,Continue Reading

Hand old,As the name suggestion,It is the existence of the dark parliament.。 They don’t even need to follow the command of the throne,I only do one thing this life。 That is to guard the darkness。 Listening will not leave the Parliament Headquarters。 Even if it is Mike’s funeral,Will caught inContinue Reading

His mind and this,Footsteps are getting more and more urgent,Black and white flows to the limit,The riot of the magic clothes is more fierce。 I finally left a long scratch on the coffin plate.。 suddenly,A pale big hand displays from the void,Senior cold claw,Putting the scratches of the coffin plate。Continue Reading