]_How to do_Practice Daquan [How to make sea cucumber soup? ]_How to do_Practice Daquan Sea cucumber is a kind of seafood. Sea cucumber is rich in many nutrients and plays a role in health. Many people like to eat sea cucumber. Sea cucumber soup is a relatively easy way toContinue Reading

Banana lubricates your stomach Unusual living habits on weekdays are the cause of cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. In order to prevent these diseases from occurring, moderate exercise and a balanced nutritional supplement diet are quite important. The nutritional balance is good, and it can prevent cancer,Continue Reading

Li Qiu wants to “grab the autumn” to eat stew Beijingers have had a good habit since ancient times, and what is the season to eat, in this regard Beijing people are particularly concerned about and pay attention to. For example, eating spring cake on the day of the spring;Continue Reading

Driving in Prague, watching the city of melancholy The Skoda “classic car” on the streets of Prague’s Town Hall Square sometimes feels like a light inversion. After nearly 20 hours of flight (stop by a little), it arrives at the destination. Prague after the rain was slightly gloomy. This isContinue Reading

Stinging the palace can lower blood pressure When the stunned summer heat, stroke, collapse, the patient suddenly fainted, unconscious, pale, sweating. At this time, the family can use the thumb to pinch the patient Hegu (located in the buttocks of the hand, the middle of the second metacarpal, the thumbContinue Reading