Old people suffering from cancer do not have to “root” The 73-year-old Chen’s mother-in-law has always been weak. She was diagnosed with stage IV of bronchoalveolar cancer six years ago. She thought that there were not many days and she was unwilling to cooperate with the treatment. The family respectedContinue Reading

Wisdom health Eat oil and salt every day, how much is the most appropriate: there is a formula to calculate: use 5 times the weight to get the number. For example, weighing 50 kg, multiplying 5 by 50 is 250 (g), which is the staple food reference for the day.Continue Reading

Causes and solutions for chronic gastritis According to reports, chronic gastritis, usually classified according to histological changes, can be divided into chronic superficial gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis, huge hypertrophic gastritis. There are many causes of chronic gastritis, mainly the following. Causes of chronic gastritis 1. Poor eating habits and dietaryContinue Reading

I want you to remember five things in your life. According to a recent survey, the proportion of female executives in enterprises is less than 30%, and the proportion of female executives in large domestic group companies is less than 10%. In the workplace competition, professional women are hard toContinue Reading

Massage and massage: the health of the economic rejuvenation Massage massage is economically feasible because it does not require additional medical equipment and must be free from time and place climatic conditions, and can be implemented anytime, anywhere; it is stable, reliable, easy to learn and use, without any substitution.Continue Reading

Ten dietary principles for cancer prevention It can be said that most people talk about cancer, and they are also far from cancer patients. In fact, more than 90% of cancers are caused by the external environment. Epidemiological studies have found that about 40% of cancer patients are related toContinue Reading