Cage starring in the classic movie “National Treasure” will make a drama version, starring young actors Sauna Night News reportedly reported by foreign media that the gold producer Jerry Brookheimer has recently reappeared: the well-known action adventure film series “National Treasure” starring Nicholas Cage will be adapted into a series.TheContinue Reading

Mutual Gold Association is advancing the development of multiple blockchain group standards, including supply chain finance On April 14, the China Internet Finance Association Blockchain Research Group officially released the “China Blockchain Financial Application and Development Research Report (2020)”.The report reveals that the China Internet Finance Association is studying andContinue Reading

Unveiled “Speed 9”: the resurrection of the character has a mystery, the car is equipped with rocket soaring new ideas Recently, the action blockbuster “Speed and Passion 9”, directed by Lin Yibin, starring Van Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson, released the first official 3 minutes and 50 secondsThe trailerContinue Reading

Wang Jiaer’s “Believe in the Future” Charity Performance dedicated to “Love”, and asked everyone to pay attention to hygiene On May 9th, the third live broadcast of the “Believe in the Future” online charity was officially launched. Singer Wang Jiaer softly sang “Love”. The textured voice conveyed the love andContinue Reading