Five thousand each,Profit is around 3000。 The net profit of 100,000 units exceeds 300 million! Such sales,Definitely not worse than apple,Too much stronger than Samsung! At least in the domestic market,Absolutely so! None of us expected,The first online sale will be so successful。 The next step is to see howContinue Reading

“Control you?”Michelle blinked her eyes,Express puzzled。 “For the Rothschild family,To keep their family’s absolute control over the international gold market,I am indeed a good candidate。”Qiao Tianyu explained。 “But this month,I have successively protected China’s interests in the defense of the peso exchange rate and shorting the international crude oil market.,EveryoneContinue Reading

Is this caring about me?Tian Lu blinked at Ding Kelan,Thought。 “Don’t look at me like that,correct,This is a gold card of mine,Needs in life,Can use it to consume。”Ding Kelan is a gentleman and warmheartedly took out a card from his wallet。 Ding Kelan stretched out Ka’s hand in front ofContinue Reading

“it is good,I am waiting for your good news。”Chen Geng smiled and nodded。 ———— First108chapter Win! Come out from your booth,It’s rare to have a moment of leisure,Chen Geng took advantage of the trend,Plan to visit other booths,America at its best time,What is their current car modification level?? Turn around,ChenContinue Reading

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen Choose and give up Chat Group Hall,After seeing my teacher Xu Xian offline,Nezha said with a smile。 “Sedum group member,What are your plans in the future,I plan to stay in my own world as an ordinary shopkeeper?” Jingtian listened to Nezha’s question,Lazily replied。 “Such aContinue Reading

(End of this chapter) ———— Chapter six hundred and ninety five Admiring “We must believe that the power of the masses cannot be underestimated,If the public’s reputation is good,When we opened,No worries about no one coming。”Yan Ziqiang continued。 “We thought about this,I want to develop two drugs first,One is aContinue Reading

Twilight comes,Xia Chenglong opened his eyes,A smile on the corner of his mouth,It seems they are quite impatient,Come here before today。 “brat,All right!” Tu Zhidi’s voice came to the room from entering the courtyard,Not two breaths,The other party strode into the room,A worried look on his face。 “Dragon Boy,I heardContinue Reading

Chapter six hundred and seventy five Full of prosperity Su Xuehen and Lu Menglin looked at her at the same time。 “Is such that,Before I met Xiaolu,In order to get rid of those bad guys,I had to make an unintentional choice。” When Su Yi said this,,Although the surface is veryContinue Reading

But other places are different,It is still the guys from the first and second peaks that can attract attention,The way they go…… Ye Chi’s eyes kept looking in the direction of Xia Chenglong,Although I can’t see it, it has become a habit。 The previous encounter in the energy tide wasContinue Reading