text Chapter Seventy Four Violent ball ? “Q,How to do?”Chen Jiannan is a little flustered,Can’t help asking。 Chen Guanfeng shook his head hard,I just feel the cheers in my ears,It all seems to be laughing at myself。 “Keep your position,I’ll defend him。There won’t be another time!”Chen Guanfeng hates。 Although theContinue Reading

Thousands of words converge into a sigh,In no words,Can’t show anything。 Look over Wang Qiaoqiao,Wang Xingzhi saw Han Genji who beat his daughter at Homecoming last time。 “What are you doing here?” Wang Xingzhi frowned,Obviously he doesn’t have a good impression of Han Genji and others。 Han Yuxiang, who stoodContinue Reading

“Yes,I like you!I like it long ago。”Lu Menglin tried his best to make his voice softer,For fear of disturbing the beautiful woman。 Su Xuehen smiled,Smile very bright,Also very beautiful。 “Lu Menglin,You are fine。But I already have someone I like!I study so hard,I just want to be admitted to Yenching University,togetherContinue Reading

At this moment,Mao Yongfei also arrived,See Xu Zeliang,Hurriedly shouted:“Xiao Xu!What happened in the city?” Lu Menglin waved,Draw a secret medicine from my arms,Threw it to Xu Zeliang。 “Old take,You have been transferred away!God Nation has reached the north gate!It’s not you!let’s go!”Lu Menglin’s face is calm,Stride towards the steel city。Continue Reading

The audience in the live room laughed:Make you skin!Don’t you know how powerful Brother Hu’s eyes are?? “Brother,I’m not kidding,Pass these three flower god cups to me!”Populus can see at a glance,These twelve cups,Three are genuine,Others are fake。 Shopkeeper staring:“I didn’t let Xiaohu, you transfer those of you to me,YouContinue Reading

Lu Liang made a bowl of soup by himself,Drink slowly,After putting down the bowl,Looking at my sister with a smile,Gentle words,But unspeakably cold,“Xinxin,Do you know the concept of 40,000 yuan?” Lu Xin knew that my brother looked down on him,But she is not a boy,So what do you do? GrandmaContinue Reading

“8:50 in the morning,See you under the tallest building on Wenjin Road,Call me if you are late。”Chen Wenjin agreed,Wang Shuai is very happy。 Drinking at night,Nothing special。 It’s just a small detail that makes Chen Wenjin feel a little strange。 When I lived once before,He breathes by the railing outsideContinue Reading

Chen Geng smiled,Did not speak,But looking at this small hill in front of me:If you remember correctly,This place is where Changan Automobile will build an automobile test field in the future,It’s a pity that this piece of land is not very level,anyway,The whole Bashu area is typical“No sanliping”,It’s not easyContinue Reading

Reluctantly placed Qin Feng in the front row。 Qin Feng is a little uncomfortable even though sitting here,Looking at their expressions, I feel a little embarrassed to sit here。 There have been many people coming and going here,If you change back and forth by yourself,It will definitely cause a lotContinue Reading

“eleven、twelve!”The crowd burst out with surprise cheers。 Bang!The machine made a huge roar,Even the bottom frame is shaking。 Brother Bao is sweating profusely,But his face couldn’t help showing ecstasy。 Because his condition today is so good,It’s surprisingly good,Broke his own record,Reached twelve never before。 Thus,Everyone thinks that the mainland kidContinue Reading