———— Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen Past grievances Lu Liang is the heir of the Lu family,Some is pocket money,But she wants to buy something,But I have to rely on my own grades in exchange for。 Living expenses at home are limited,Often stretched,Mom is willing to give her pocket moneyContinue Reading

“I go,I thought the legend was fake!” Qin Feng hadn’t done much wicked things like tomb robbers before,But once I heard some mercenaries talk about all kinds of incredible things in the tomb。 of course,Qin Feng at that time was just listening to it as some kind of legend,After all,Continue Reading

Yan Xiaoyi seemed to realize something,Asked knowingly。 “Regardless of them,This is my sister Mo Mo,Stay in the inn from now on……” Xiangyang suddenly thought,It seems that I haven’t consulted Mo Mo yet,Look back,Mo Mo also smiled and accepted Xiangyang’s arrangement for herself。 “I’ll be a front desk clerk here fromContinue Reading

High-level groups like Uncle Bing and others,I also noticed the lack of confidence in the club recently,My brothers don’t work hard,The overall interests of the community have suffered a great loss,But I couldn’t find the reason for a while。 I just feel that the people under my hands are loose,TheContinue Reading

And Zhong Yefu is worthy of the trust of the wooden knife,Not only his own strength is becoming more and more powerful,Especially in the last two years,He brought the brothers,Fought a few beautiful battles,Increasing prestige。 In addition, the wooden knife has been kept simple in the past two years,Rarely interferesContinue Reading

no doubt,Today’s live broadcast in traditional culture,Their platform is already in a leading position。and so,Populus is their anchor。 With the anchor next to Hu Yang,Often get recommended resources。 They intend to make the traditional culture live broadcast the golden sign of the platform。Currently,They are also actively communicating with the guildContinue Reading

When I returned to the abandoned dock,A fishing boat is already waiting there。 “Old uncle。”Gan Yifan doesn’t know what the old fisherman’s name is,The elders in the village call him old stubborn,His peers call him old stubborn uncle,He also called,Go on:“You came a little earlier,Have to wait,I’m going to catchContinue Reading

“I can advance one year’s income to you,You don’t need to worry about the income of the store,Just do business with you now,I will configure the assistant for you here,You will be responsible for managing a store,May I?” The boss looked at Qin Feng with worry and asked,He really hasContinue Reading

Huang Zetao wanted to leave a bunch of trash talk about Xiangyangsichun,But I haven’t waited for Huang Zetao to speak,Xiangyang’s pile of taunting skills have all been lost,Hit a wave of damage,Huang Zetao and their little brothers were stunned by Xiangyang。 And after the fuse is lit,Huang Zetao and theContinue Reading