Wang Youcai based on his own judgment,I found out the medicine that is more suitable for the child to reduce fever。Then follow the instructions,He made a deliberate reduction,Then asked Julan to serve her son。 Everything is ready,Wang Youcai glanced at his watch and said:“It’s exactly eight o’clock,This medicine will workContinue Reading

“This medicine has to be drunk for a long time to make old man Zang have problems……It seems,The other party is cautious!”Fang Yu said calmly。 “Hey……This is my little care。Doctor Fang also asked you to accept!” Zang Yun took out a check,Handed it to Fang Yu。 “do not……Mr. Zang, youContinue Reading

Tigers are also human,At this time, I saw my partner was shot to death by Chen Xiu,Even more angry,Far more powerful than usual,Thinking of the hunter rushing over。 The hunter avoided,Iron fork,“puff”The sound of,The tiger directly knocked over the iron fork in the hunter’s hand,Sweep Tiger Tail,Even tipped the hunterContinue Reading

Am i special…… This is really treating yourself as a pervert!! Ling Jing is akimbo,Smug: “Senior has been staring at my sister’s shoes today,I get it,Really unexpected,Senpai still has such a hobby。” Immediately,Jingpu gritted his teeth and raised his head to send this thing back,But this rise,People in Jingpu areContinue Reading

Lin Yu,The power exposed at the moment,It’s not as simple as what I have seen。 of course,Except this one。 The other one is,I have never felt a sense of crisis。 now,Own heart,A sense of crisis。 Cultivate to your own realm,There is generally no sense of crisis in the heart,But nowContinue Reading

Necro Flame Mountain,A scary bone dragon appeared,It has a pair of surprisingly large bone wings,It also has a body that is as long as a snake,No claws,There is a standing horn on the head,Show pride and wildness! ———— First327chapter Rebellion Zhu Minglang has been watching the battlefield in Runyu City,WhenContinue Reading

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Feiye!When this land is in your hands,Current market price,But if it is auctioned,Definitely not the market price,This is one。This two?Since this piece of land is beside the park,Then your marketing must focus on the park“ “You say so,I basically understand“Hu Huiru laughed,Some tea was added toContinue Reading

Guan Tingna smiled and said:“My dad is from Bucheon,My mother is southZJof。Living with grandma。I don’t even know my dad’s phone number,I called mom just now,My mom notified my dad” “Your mom can forgive your dad,You should be able to。You are father and daughter anyway,There can be no hatred between fatherContinue Reading

Wolf,Whether it is a first-level fighter, you can hit three or five ordinary beast wolves,Still an advanced Warcraft Wolf,All“Copper Head Iron Tail Tofu Loin”,The defense of the head is already very strong。What’s more, Fanglang is a monster of war,Earth elements penetrate its fur,Natural defense is stronger!Although Wright’s attack power isContinue Reading