Take a transcript。Xia Jian hasn’t done anything like this,Just this kind of place,He didn’t want to come in from the bottom of his heart,But something happened,He can only cooperate with the investigation。 When coming out of the police station,It’s already over ten o’clock in the evening。But Xia Jian saw herContinue Reading

thought long time,Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said to Wu Wu:“If you really read it right,We have to avoid him for the time being。Even if it happened,Turn around。Of course,If he provokes,We have to pretend to be soft” “Understand Choi!But this is not the same thing!In case he doesn’t knowContinue Reading

“Ten years of effort,In vain!”Li Ming smiled and shook his head。 For the ancestors,Ten years is like a moment in the eyes of mortals,A waste of ten years is not worth mentioning。 “Only ten years,Someone came again,It’s interesting。” “Three Taoists,Please come in!” Spread out,Form a channel。 Three figures walk inContinue Reading

“No……” Ling Rouran shook her head repeatedly。 I had to watch Fang Yu leave! After Fang Yu goes back,Changed clothes。 Drove to Hu’s house。 “You are so punctual today……” Hu Yili saw Fang Yu coming,Surprised。 “The recipe is done,You have to do the assembly line……”Fang Yu took out a sketch,HandedContinue Reading

Memories that night,If God is in the sky,High height is not touching,The Kirlard in front of the eyes is the fog of crouching.,I thought that the iron sword can be broken.,result…… Break up,Behind the fog is the abyss,Is to swallow everything dark。 Be strong and weak,Shichuan five must not makeContinue Reading

———— 1041 parachute Ge Hong shook his head and said:“What else,I’m fed up with thunder,It’s better to be stoned to death than to be struck by lightning……” “Hush!” Chen Xiu interrupted him suddenly,Excited to say:“Maybe we can’t die!” “You have a way to escape here?” Chen Xiu is standing up,PullContinue Reading

Impact Master’s views on Wudang and not say,And the eighth hand is destroyed directly,Adhere to the ancestors,No these“Chaotic”s things。 However, Zhou Yuli still did not refuse? Even looked at the moon shadow,Secreture:Even the outsiders can do so much? Then I am……Make a chance,By the burial of the ancestral master! AndContinue Reading

Completed today’s casting art study,Zhu Minglang is also slowly conceiving Bai Qi、Qingzhuo and Moxie’s dragon suit。 Bai Qi and Qing Zhuo,Don’t look at them as they are not that big,In fact, it is more difficult to cast armor,Have to consider their agility。 As for the sword spirit dragon…… Zhu MinglangContinue Reading