In the upper room,Wang Degui lying on the big kang,Smoking the dry tobacco pipe right now。When he saw Wang Youcai,Like an electric hit,Sat up suddenly。 “dad!I read from the newspaper that our village was hit by flood again,So many days have passed since these three rushes and two rushes,Okay atContinue Reading

“Not right,It stands to reason that my blow just now is enough to make it unable to stand up,How is this going”Fuming is a little trapped,I even thought that the force of my shot just now was a bit weak? “Kid,Beware,It’s something wrong”Long Yuan’s voice suddenly remembered,Remind Fuming to payContinue Reading

Ning Feifei,“Fifi,Are you ready??” Ning Feifei:“Blue Director,do not worry,Already on the road,Coming。” Blue Xindao:“Fifi,just to confirm,Can’t delay time。” Originally, it was going to send it yesterday.,However, there are a few clothes yesterday.,I am pressing at this time.,She can only let them send it as soon as possible this morning.。 NingContinue Reading

He didn’t know why the other person likes him.,I actually give him such a big welfare late late.。 Looking at Li Hui’s style,Li Cuihua is laughing directly。 “Gigbling you stupid,Xiao Li,You tell the truth with the scorpion,Like a scorpion??” “Forehead,dislike。” Although Li Huihe admitted that Li Cuihua body is good,GoodContinue Reading

I immediately came out,road:“High total,Just now, the wind is joking with you.,Do you want it?? Look at it, you are in our classmates.。” Sun Yaru told this when he said this.,The feeling of tension is to promote a different temptation to high.,Other attraction。 “Hey-hey,Yaru,This matter is between our two men,AndContinue Reading

He opened the door and took a look,I saw Zhao Hong standing at the door angrily。Xia Jian hurriedly pulled her in,Quickly closed the door。He is like this,For fear of others seeing。 “You are so inconvenient,You can speak on the phone,I won’t come。Ran so far to see you,Don’t send someone toContinue Reading

Lu Si looked at Su Seiming,have to say,Jingming this gossip mouth,Let A Cheng have isolated him.。 What you know this world know,You don’t know。 “All right,Let us go in and see。” Lu Hao became overcast,The car opened this time is his car who will go to the car.,He feels taste,IContinue Reading

“Seven magical rainbow finger”Still in its next,mainly“Swim”,It’s now the main body and light power of the Chu Deirers.,Tour the combination of void and small return,But when the Chu Debans,Basis that is capable of avatar。 Before there is alternative,Chu Deirers don’t want to have a brain! Just switch the dream afterContinue Reading

“is it,Ha ha。”The two got in the car and started the return journey,Yu Ge was driving while chatting with Xia Shuyue,“My boss treats me very well,Buy me a car。” It’s 2003,Even mobile phones are not very popular,Not to mention the car,As long as you have something that smokes,In Xia Shuyue’sContinue Reading