“Is it weird,Why must I keep a piece of mortal world here?” No answer,Don’t know how to answer。 “Starting from Metaverse,The entire universe is directly or indirectly created by the homeland,The power of rules makes this world take shape,And can continue to develop independently,From the original universe to the present,Twenty-twoContinue Reading

“As for what to do,Actually now,It’s already been resolved。” Just here,When Wang Teng watched it a little bit。 While looking at these,Now,Wang Teng looks more and more serious。 “well,But for now,Actually these things,In itself,I didn’t feel the impact at all。” When Wang Teng watched this scene,at this time,Actually deal withContinue Reading

Every day, although he is physically,And was transformed by Xianquan,But I can’t hold it every day.。 “Cough small ya,I don’t have to be every day.,I am afraid that I can’t eat every day.。” Looking at Li Hui’s appearance,Qin Su Ya couldn’t help but laugh。 “See you scare you,I am jokingContinue Reading

Xiaobai slowly closed his eyes,Although very unwilling,It is still unable to resist the distress,And the ice silk that blooms like ice flowers and snow silk is spreading wantonly,Almost occupy the entire spiritual realm,Let the spiritual realm become a shocking and gorgeous white。 Zhu Minglang is watching Xiaobai Qi,I also secretlyContinue Reading

Leilenu,Unconvinced。 Zhang Fenglan sighed and said:“All right!Don’t care about this。The top priority now is to cure my disease。Call your Uncle Liu quickly,I’ll make arrangements for you when he comes” Lei Lei nodded and then left。Zhang Fenglan shook her head and said:“Made President Xia laugh,This daughter has been studying abroad,It didn’tContinue Reading

But it seems lucky,It’s always quiet all around,Until the string in his heart can’t be tighter,There was a clear cry in the distance ahead,Then there were two short beeps,Then the mountains became quiet again。 Howling like a tit,Another example,This is the field communication signal used by Hu Dehai and XuContinue Reading

This is not too demanding,Does this woman have no idea?? This is almost the life that the world’s top richest can enjoy。 private plane、Private cruise…… I won’t mention these things for now.,Maintenance costs alone,The average rich can’t afford it。 Even many wealthy people want to lease private jets,In this way,Continue Reading