On November 14th, the Russian "Military Works" weekly reporter interviewed the World Economics and International Political Department of the Russian College of Higher Economics, the honorary chairman of the Diplomatic and National Defense Policy Committee, Sherk Karaganov, published on November 9 The title "Three Kingdoms will be a large numberContinue Reading

Convergence the data platform and make strong technology support. General Secretary Xi Jinping, "Let the city smarter, more smart, is the only way to promote the modernization of urban governance system and governance ability." Always pay attention to innovation awareness, actively build "digital grid management platform", comprehensive integration of comprehensiveContinue Reading

  After lunch break, Yuelai, Yuejing, Yuebei District, Chongqing, quietly. "嘀嘀 嘀 …" The alarm suddenly sounded at the service desk, the computer screen flicker, pop-up dialog box: "6th floor 602 room, Yang Dai beauty blood pressure!" The medical staff Wang Yuyi road rushed to the room, from Wake Yang DaiContinue Reading

On the afternoon of September 7, Sun Haitao, deputy mayor of the Chifeng Municipal Government, to the end of the investigation of Weng Niu Shiqi Public Security Bureau, Shi Niu Shiqi Public Security Bureau immediately held a director’s office, and studied the implementation of guidance. Zheng Wei, deputy flagship ofContinue Reading

Original title: Shenzhen introduced school training institutions standardized governance work program school-pro-school holiday may not organize discipline training report learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, recently, Shenzhen Municipal Committee Education Work Leading Group Office issued "Shenzhen School Training Organization Specification Governance Work Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" Work PlanContinue Reading

On September 14, the Shandong Provincial Oceanic Crystal Hospital held a special video conference in the Marine Disaster Reduction Center of the Natural Resources Department, further implementing the provincial Ocean Oceanic Administration and Natural Resources Ocean Disaster Mitigation Center "on the service of marine ecological civilization and promoting marine ecologicalContinue Reading