[Abstract] November 18 afternoon, Bank of China Shaanxi Branch party secretary, Liu Xiaoyu President and his entourage arrived fresh yellow vest investigation and exchange logistics base, a detailed study to understand fresh yellow vest electricity supplier, Dairy home delivery, through shops and other supply chain key business and urban constructionContinue Reading

  On April 8, the founder of the family building design firm, presided over the architect Liu Jiaxuan (right 2). Its Xigu Courtyard project won the three Humanities City Awards Public Space Award.On the same day, the first Sanlian Humanities City Award was announced in Chengdu. This theme is "rebuild link",Continue Reading

People’s Network Chengdu December 8th (Zhu Hong) Today, in the countdown countdown to the Chengdu Universiade, the Chengdu Universiade attended the appearance of Chengdu University. At the event, the Chengdu Daxie Village Village Committee was successfully established and also issued the "Action Plan of the Auntie Village Venue". The unveiledContinue Reading

This newspaper (Reporter Zhang Jian) ??Since the beginning of Anshun City The province is ranked first, higher than the average growth rate of the province, above 32 percentage points higher than the fixed asset investment in the city. 53 projects such as Wal Sheng’s fine chemical construction, and 25 projectsContinue Reading

On August 23, a three-day China-Shanghai Cooperative Digital Economic Industry Forum, 2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Zhibo") in Chongqing, two events respectively with "developing digital economy, promoting common prosperity) "Intelligent: It is the topic of economic communication, adding color to life", will accelerate Chongqing andContinue Reading

  Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Ecological Environment, Jiangxi established the pre-distribution of carbon emissions in power generation industries according to the work of the Ecological Environment Department. In May of this year, through the national carbon emissions registration system, our province’s 45 power generation focus emission units incorporatedContinue Reading

In order to inherit the excellent traditional culture, in-depth mining of the cultural connotation and the era of the Mid-Autumn Festival, talented to the Mid-Autumn Festival in Jilin, September 19th to 21st, Jilin Provincial Party Network Network Office around the family, traditional festival Customs, harvest reunion, etc. · Mid-Autumn FestivalContinue Reading

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to foreign media, foreign media reported on October 11, recently, broke the newspaper to release a suspected Samsung Galaxys22ULTRA on social networking sites.According to the explosive, Samsung Galaxys222ULTRA will be equipped with an inch double surface intermediate punch display. However, this message cannot be confirmedContinue Reading