Catering Consumption Trend Research: "Empty Nest Youth" is unwilling to cook a good shop into "urban kitchen"

White-collar preferred hot meal convenience stores into a "city kitchen" to resolve breakfast in a convenience store downstairs.

Porridge, sushi, rice group, buns, soy milk and other formation, spending 6 to 10 yuan can be solved. Sometimes take-off for lunch and dinner, sometimes in the convenience store’s purchase cost-effective hot meal or box, the latter costs can generally be controlled within 20 yuan.

  Nowadays, "empty nest youth", unwilling to spend valuable leisure time, with the introduction of hot meal, facilitating the new "City Kitchen".

  "2018 China New Catering Consumption Trend Research Report" research data show:% is less than 4 times a week after 90 years of interviewed, and the specific gravity of less than 3 times per month is two other ages. Square. Lai Yang, a member of the Chinese Commercial Federation Expert Committee, said that the rhythm of modern life is getting faster, the consumption structure and the concept have changed, and people are gradually decreasing at home. Instead, there are more and more sales, meals, and snacks are welcomed, and takeaway replaces a large number of family dinner demands and increases in the past. Consumers’ preferences are like intangible hands, and the "big cake" of the catering market is resilient.

Recently, the "2018 China Convenience Store TOP100" released by China Chain Operations Association has shown that in the past three years (2016-2018), convenience store format is in the fastest growth level throughout the retail industry, and the average growth rate is reached. 18%, which also shows the vigorous development momentum of convenience store.

Beijing Youth Daily reported that "new species" convenience as an example, the number of stores has increased by nearly 10 times, and it is constantly increasing research and development investment in the catering area, and is the first hot meal in Shanghai. The convenience store constructed a special "hot meal matrix" composed of factors such as vegetarian, taste, ingredients, prices, optimized the new dishes through large data analysis.

  It is understood that the fresh meat of "hot meal", and vegetables are purchased from the food, Shunxin, Fu Cheng Wufeng and other enterprises, and use Jinlongfish non-genetically modified soybean primary crushing oil and other brand food.

The full set of production is purchased from Japan. The steam pots used by the cooking can ensure uniform temperature and prevent the traditional food safety hazards caused by traditional wok.

In order to ensure the safety of the processing, the GPS and Bluetooth thermometer are installed on the cold chain logistics vehicle, and the temperature of the car can be monitored in the background, and the anomalies will automatically alarm, and the ingredients will be immediately abandoned or rejected by the store.

What is more harsh is that if the processing of hot meal is still not sold for 4 hours, the fresh food PAD will automatically alarm, prompting the clerk to discard it under the camera. Although young consumers pursued convenience, the requirements did not decrease, it is "not only to eat, but also eat".

This makes a challenge to a new type of catering industry such as a convenience store.

I believe that with hot meal, it will become a growing person’s city kitchen.

(Reporter Chen S) +1.