[Three small things that make a man miserable after marriage]

[Three small things that make a man miserable after marriage]

In fact, the appreciation and tolerance of men and women are mutual.

No one is perfect.

The social status and division of labor of men and women themselves determine the diversity and richness of this world.

Men must know how to appreciate women’s beauty, and women must learn to understand men’s handsomeness.

As long as men and women learn to think in other places, there will be less war in this world, and everyone will be happy and harmonious.

Women and men always have deviations in their thinking. Women hope that every man loves himself, and women naturally love vanity.

Men want every woman to be tender and considerate to themselves.

But how can there be such a good thing in this world.

Therefore, both men and women must express their true feelings in time. Love is love, and love is not love.

First of all, the most trivial things that a woman suffers after marriage include the following three.

One, too sensitive, flipping through men’s wallets and mobile phones at every turn.

Women are sometimes too sensitive and not necessarily a good thing. Such women are too tired to live, and they can also annoy men.

For example, some women like to question the relationship between men and other opposite sexes, even if men and other opposite sexes are just for normal work communication.

Some women like to mess with men’s wallets and even men’s cell phones after marriage, for fear that men carry their extramarital affairs on their backs.

In fact, men are forced to be derailed by women even if they are not derailed.

Women don’t want to be foolish, and don’t be afraid that marriage won’t be messy.

Marriage was originally nothing, even if there was anything, it was all a woman tossing out.

Women are too sensitive. The injured two men are women themselves.