Unveiled Speed 9: the resurrection of the character has a mystery, the car is equipped with rocket soaring new ideas

Unveiled “Speed 9”: the resurrection of the character has a mystery, the car is equipped with rocket soaring new ideas
Recently, the action blockbuster “Speed and Passion 9”, directed by Lin Yibin, starring Van Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese Gibson, released the first official 3 minutes and 50 secondsThe trailer and confirmed that it will be released in North America on May 22 this year.This is the fifth time that Lin Yibin has directed the series after the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th parts of the “Quick Attack” series.In the trailer, “fantasy” lenses such as magnetic energy fighters and car air relays, and rocket engines in racing cars are everywhere, and Lin Yibin also said that “this is the most ambitious part of the series so far.”It is worth mentioning that in the trailer, the title has been changed from the familiar Fast & Furious to F9: The Fast Saga (F9: Speed Legend).[Story]Not all blood is connected together. At the beginning of the trailer, Mr. Tang has lived a leisurely retirement life, focusing on the identity of husband and father, living with Lettie and son Brian.But the seemingly peaceful life is the tranquility before the storm.With the sentence “No matter how fast you can run, you can’t get rid of the past”, Tang boss and sister Mia and the former partner mouth gunner God Roman, the talented engineer Taj and others began a new mission, with their own brother JacobStart a contest.Tang Boss against his younger brother “Zhao Xina”.Jacob is not only a first-class driver, but also a brave and hard-working assassin, one of the strongest opponents of Tang boss.He collaborated with Sephor played by Charlize Theron, and was challenged by Sephor and Donald Donald gave birth to a new confrontation.”Zhao Xina” and Charlize Theron soared.As stated in the trailer: “Not all blood lines are connected together”, and family love is the classic theme of the series. Whether the two can resolve conflicts needs to be announced in the movie.[Character]Han returns, Johnson Stanson is absent. In the third part of the series “Speed and Passion: Tokyo Drift”, the core member Han was killed by a car accident made by Xiao played by Jason Stanson.In the movie “Speed”, Xiao was gradually “washed out” as a decent, killing Han has always been his biggest “stain”, and Han has also become one of the most popular characters that viewers hope to resurrect.In the ending egg of the trailer of “Speed Attack 9,” Han actually survived unscathed, and the new Toyota Supra driven by Han also appeared in the film, becoming one of the film’s biggest attractions.The third dead Han is resurrected.In an interview, director Lin Yibin revealed: “I brought in the role of Han in episode 3, and when I left this series, I also took away Han.So if I want to come back, I have to return with this character, and explore this journey with Han character again, revealing what happened at the time. “He also assured the audience that Han ‘s resurrection plot will never be sloppy or dog-blooded. “Everything happens has its reasons. Han ‘s return will never be taken lightly, so I have done a lot of work.”As early as 2002, Cheng Kang, who played Han, has collaborated with Lin Yibin on the movie” Hot Mochi “. Since then, he has been the official actor of Lin Yibin. I believe that Han’s plot will also have many” mysteries. “Since the first part in 2001, the Speed Attack series has launched a total of 9 works and 1 outside story film. The Speed Attack series has presented countless classic pictures to fans and fans.With the unexpected death of the protagonist Paul Walker in 2013, it also adds to the regrets that can never be compensated.And the other protagonist of the series, Johnson, made it clear that he would not star in “Speed Attack 9”: “Our focus is on expanding the speed and passion universe, we will not appear in” Speed Attack 9 “, but maybe we will return”Speed 10”, in the story of speed and passion, there is still a problem between Hobbes and Don Boss. “”Zhao Xina” (John Senna), who is particularly popular with Chinese audiences, plays the boss of Tang’s brother, Jacob, in “Quick 9”. This actor who has won many WWE titles will become the biggest villain in the film, with Van DisserSeoul has more opponents, and it also fills the vacancy for the lack of “big guys” after Johnson and Stanson exit.It is reported that Paul Walker’s younger brother also went to the shooting crew of the “Quick 9”, and perhaps the new film will also have unexpected emotional plots.In addition, “Hot Mom” Helen Mirren and “Female Demon Head” Charlize Theron also returned to the film, and the famous American rapper Cady B played a new role closely related to Don Boss’s past.[Scene]The “Rolling Swing” drag racing drama has been upgraded over the cliff as it has been popular all over the world for nearly two decades, plus the ninth work of the movie series that has received a total of more than 5.8 billion US dollars at the box office, “Speed 9″ once again swept the worldFrom London to Tokyo, from Central America to Edinburgh, from the secret fortress of Azerbaijan to the streets of Tbilisi, the importance of racing scenes and families is constantly being upgraded.”Speed and Passion 9” continues to upgrade thrilling drag racing scenes, explosions caused by heavy drag racing crashes between jungles and city streets, super-high difficulty rolling trucks, motorcycles and racing cars, jumping from the building window on the busThe roof, racing and action are closely combined.At the same time, the magnetic energy fighter sticks the Don ‘s car in the air and crosses the mountains. The design of the Pontiac sports car equipped with a rocket engine has greatly exceeded the imagination of the audience in the past.A racing car with a rocket engine.The most thrilling scene in the trailer is that Mr. Tang and Leti drove towards the cliff. After finding the bridge broken, Mr. Tang resolutely moved forward at full speed, only using a rope to lift the car, and used the swinging drag racing method to borrow “Fly to the other end of the cliff.The magnetic fighter will suck up the racing car rushing to the sky.[Director]Lin Yibin returned to direct “Speed 9” and “Speed 10” As early as 2018, producer Van Diesel has confirmed that Lin Yibin will return to direct “Speed 9” and “Speed 2″10 “, he called Lin Yibin the” ancestor “and” architect “of the series, and” the person in charge of the resurrection of this beautiful legend. “Chinese director Lin Yibin became one of Hollywood’s most popular action film directors because of his directing “Quick Shot” series.Because the background of “Speed and Passion 3” is set in Asia, Lin Yibin has become the first choice of the production company. He spent a lot of time to understand the drifting technology of racing cars, get along with racing drivers day and night, and continue to try more with the technical guidance of flying cars.Many drag racing scenes have also built this series into a huge production for global framing and scene upgrades.Lin Yibin is on the set of “Quick Attack 9”.Lin Yibin once said in an interview: “As part of” Speed “, we are very proud of this journey. In front of the camera, you can see that these characters have experienced a lot. Outside of the camera, we also grew up together and started to form a family.Even our little children grew up together. Dominique, Leti, and Brian represent each family in and outside the play. I think the connection is very important.”[Fast-action series tidbits]Fast-action series global box office results” Speed and Passion “(2001) directed by Rob Cohen, box office 2.$ 0.7 billion “Speed and Passion 2: The Rise of the Wind” (2003) directed by John Singleton, box office 2.USD 300 million “Speed and Passion 3: Tokyo Drift” (2006) directed by Lin Yibin, box office 1.500 million US dollars “Speed and Passion 4” (2009) directed by Lin Yibin, box office 3.US $ 600 million “Speed and Passion 5” (2011) directed by Lin Yibin, box office 5.$ 100 million “Speed and Passion 6” (2013) directed by Lin Yibin, box office 7.US $ 8.8 billion “Speed and Passion 7” (2015) directed by Wen Ziren, box office US $ 1.5 billion “Speed and Passion 8” (2017) directed by Gary Gray, box office 13.$ 300 million in “Speed and Passion: Special Operations” (2019) directed by David Leach, box office 7.The sequence of development of the 500 million US dollar rush series “Speed and Passion” → “Speed and Passion 2” → “Speed and Passion 4” → “Speed and Passion 5” → “Speed and Passion 6” → “Speed and Passion 3: Tokyo”Drift” → “Speed and Passion 7” → “Speed and Passion 8” → “Speed and Passion 9” sauna, edited by Ye Yan Li Yan, Huang Jialing, and Xue Jingning Zhai Yongjun