He once fell, but soared into the sky again with a singing voice | 夜 问
Answer: Elton John.Today is Elton John ‘s 73rd birthday.Maybe the young friend didn’t know his name, but when he mentioned the theme song of “The Lion King”, I believe no one didn’t know.A “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” brings us back to the golden age of movies that were moved by Simba.”The Redemption of Shawshank”, “This killer is not too cold”, “Forrest Gump”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Chongqing Forest”, “Eating Men and Women” and “Alive” . 1994 was really amazing.Elton John won the best original song of the 67th Oscar with “Can I Have Love Tonight”.But this is not the beginning of his music career, and his golden age will be pushed forward for decades.Elton John was born into a music family. His father played jazz and his mother liked to collect records. But this family is not a filial piety. Even the “out of control” behind Elton John is related to the family.He would play the piano at the age of three, and at the age of eleven he was admitted to the Royal College of Music because he was able to repeat what the teacher played.He loves music and practiced manual gestures all the time.Talent and diligence made him slowly gain a reputation.With the development from the United Kingdom to the United States, his career took off, and even was called the “savior of rock” by Americans.He kept refreshing the bulletin board record and spoiled his talents with shocking dress and performances in a show.His achievements and a string of amazing numbers-more than 300 million records, 11 Grammy Award nominations, won the Grammy Legend Award in 2001, three albums were selected to the Grammy Hall of Fame, 4 Oscar AwardsNominated (two awards, the most recent was the 92nd Oscar Award for Best Original Song for the 2020 Oscar Awards) . Seeing this, you might think this is just a story of an ordinary talented singer, butBehind the glory is the deep pain.As mentioned earlier, his family is not in harmony with his parents, and his father does not like Elton John ‘s music. Even after he became famous, he wanted to invite his father to listen to his concert, but found that he did not give himself too much caring father.Harmony with the two sons in the newly formed family.The mother also had a new family, and Elton John was the unlovable child.So even if the stage is more eye-catching, he is lonely.Looking forward to the emotion that the most intimate people can affirm nowhere to put, so he became alcoholic and drug addicted in the 1980s.While performing crazy, while taking alcohol to maintain calmness.Until later, his health problems began, he began to examine himself, and through the external help out of the haze.He went to detoxification, improved his life habits, conducted psychological counseling, and finally accepted the child who could not get love in his heart.After he changed these bad habits that nearly destroyed and collapsed him, Elton John’s writing changed a lot.In addition to “The Lion King”, the “Candle in the Wind” that he sang at the funeral of his friend Princess Diana also became a classic. This song was originally written for Marilyn Monroe and was later rewritten by Elton.The first sentence of the original version is “Goodbye Norma Jeane, (Farewell, Norma Jane)”, Norma Jeane is an alias for Monroe.The first sentence after the rewriting is “Goodbye England’s Rose”. The lyrics are full of compassion.Since the release of the song, 33 million copies have been sold so far, which keeps him the record of the best-selling singles of all time.He entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994, was awarded a knighthood by the Queen of England in 1998, and in 2004, Rolling Stone ranked him 49th on the list of “The Greatest 100 Artists in History” .a lot of.The movie “Ace Agent 2” also invited him to make a guest appearance, playing himself, and was kidnapped in the film.Therefore, Elton John’s story is not “I absorb alcohol, I take drugs, but I am a good singer”, but “I haven’t got love, I gave up myself, but I walked out of the haze.”Now being a father, he is working hard to give love to his sons and more people. He has established his own named AIDS Foundation, and he often participates in fund-raising activities of organizations such as the Terrorism Research Foundation.He was also the godfather of several celebrity children, including John Lennon’s only son Sean Lennon, David Beckham’s two sons Brooklyn and Romeo.So, let us feel love in his songs tonight.