Lu Yao was stunned,Thought I had auditory hallucinations,But the teacher said clearly,The money for her data was handed over by that nasty person!

Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen Past grievances
Lu Liang is the heir of the Lu family,Some is pocket money,But she wants to buy something,But I have to rely on my own grades in exchange for。
Living expenses at home are limited,Often stretched,Mom is willing to give her pocket money but can’t do anything,Plus dad’s strict restrictions,Her pocket money is almost zero。
He can use his pocket money to pay his mother the money that he finally saved,What do you want?Let her be grateful to him,Bow down??
Lu Yao is angry,I hate Lu Liang even more,Want her to bow her head,no way!
In school,No matter how funny the teacher,She doesn’t admit to the relationship with Lu Liang,When the teacher told her to pay,Lu Liang just came to the teacher to report,But she would rather run home to get it,Won’t ask him for help!
But it was Lu Liang’s kindness,Completely ignited the war between them,Lu Yao rushed into the office and beat him like crazy,Lu Liang looked at his sister who had severely impaired self-esteem,Silent,No fight back,Just let her beat。
The teacher’s office,Alarmed the school,Even if the teacher likes her,Can’t hold it down,no way,I can only invite the parents over。
Dad is not at home,The school where grandma and mother came,The old lady saw her precious grandson get bruised and swollen by the wild girl,Furious,Directly ordered the school to expel her!
Lu Liang understands,No matter how you endure,The damage the Lu family caused to my sister can’t be eliminated,He threatened grandma,If my sister is fired,He won’t go to school。
Grandma regenerate,I can only spare Lu Yao。
School,But not punished,Lu Yao became famous in the first battle,Received more attention。
Lu Liang is the school grass,Or the victim,Attracted many pink guards,Although he doesn’t say anything,But I can’t hold back the inquiring,Not long,It’s finally known that Lu Liang and Lu Yao are brothers and sisters。