“Ok!This idea is really good,The land is okay but I got it,But the construction of the People’s Park,It’s not something that can be done with three or two million,It can be tens of millions,Thus,Is the cost of our land too high??“Hu Huiru asked in a low voice。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Feiye!When this land is in your hands,Current market price,But if it is auctioned,Definitely not the market price,This is one。This two?Since this piece of land is beside the park,Then your marketing must focus on the park“
“You say so,I basically understand“Hu Huiru laughed,Some tea was added to the tea cup built in Xia Jian。
Xia Jian thought,As the saying goes“Help people to the end,Send Buddha to heaven,Since he spoke,Then we should explain this to Hu Huiru thoroughly“
“look,Big city in the south,What kind of school district rooms are you starting now?,Scenic room。And your land is next to the park,You sell as scenic rooms。Think about it, If the People’s Park is developed into a beautiful and beautiful park by you,Will the house prices next to here go up?“Xia Jian is here,So I won’t go any further。
Hu Huiru yelled happily:“awesome!President Xia is really broad-minded,Suddenly made me feel。Tell you the truth,I’m worrying about this these days,I didn’t expect to meet you as soon as I went out,It seems you are my god of good fortune“
“You said you want to thank me“When Xia Jian said this,,Staring at Hu Huiru with both eyes。
Hu Huiru lowered her head temporarily a little embarrassed,She asked quietly:“What do you mean? But I said that,I will not shame“
“Hahahaha!Have integrity。Let’s talk about it,See if we can join hands,Maybe he can really do something big”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Hu Huiru did not expect,Xia Jianhui said this,She raised her head in embarrassment,It seems that I have been thinking too much,It seems that Xia Jian is really not an ordinary man。Like Wang Youcai,Will definitely look at her idea,But this Xia Jian is talking about cooperation。
“Tell me!I first listen”Hu Huiru’s face turned red,Whispered。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“I heard that you have several large construction companies under Dongsheng Group,I mean if you have this intention,We can talk in depth”
Hu Huiru nodded and said:“very good!It seems that our meeting today,Is a day worth remembering,6month18number,Maybe this is the beginning of cooperation between Dongsheng Group and Venture Group”
Hu Huiru laughed and stood up,She walked to the bed,Grabbed the computer,I ordered several dishes at once,And also a bottle of red wine。After hanging up,She sat back and said:“We have lunch right here,To save time,Let’s talk while eating”
“it is good!I’ll just say。We have a relatively large property in Bucheon,There are more than 80 buildings in total,And it’s all high-rise buildings over 20。Previously cooperated with Beiwei Group,There was vandalism midway,We two talk,So we need such a powerful group company to undertake the construction”Xia Jian threw his hole card very directly。