Bai Ai shook her head and said:“Going up is the top five,I didn’t prepare enough today,Still stabilizing,The current ranking is enough!”

Fuming pouted,Ready to leave with Bai Ai。
An angry shout behind,Three people stand still,Look behind。
A guy dressed in luxury appeared,People around have avoided,Like avoiding the plague god。
“do we know each other?”
The corner of the man’s mouth twitched slightly and said:“My name is Luo Xing,Ranked third internally!”
“Oh!!!!!!never heard of that”
Oh so long,The next four words almost didn’t choke Luo Xing to death!
“you。。。it is good,very good,I’m not the one to talk nonsense,I want to challenge you!”
Fuming raised his brow strangely and said:“I don’t even know who you are,Why should i accept your challenge!”
Luo Xing’s face was red and white,Angry is gritted teeth。
“you do not know me,Ye Lingxi must know me!”
Fuming and look at Lingxi,Ling Xi shook her head blankly,Obviously don’t know。
“That one,I went to Elder Qu’s the other day,You typed me out,do not you remember!!!”Luo Xing hurriedly said。
Lingxi still shook her head,Fuming can be considered to understand,It’s probably the guy who pursues Lingxi,No wonder seeing yourself is the same as seeing your father and enemy。
“Forget it,Dare to fight me!”