[Simple method of chicken leg stew with potatoes]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[Simple method of chicken leg stew with potatoes]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Chicken is a kind of meat that we often eat in our daily life. Chicken contains rich nutrition. Chicken meat is delicious. It can warm up the qi and strengthen the body. Among them, the meat in chicken legs is more tender and delicious. Potatoes are very nutritious.Abundant ingredients, potatoes are rich in starch, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and so on. They can add a lot of nutrients, so let ‘s take a look at the simple way of chicken leg stewed potatoes with Xiaobian today.

Material: 5 chicken legs, 3 potatoes, cooking oil, salt, soy sauce, ginger, garlic Steps: 1. Wash the chicken legs, then cut a few slits on the top with a knife, pickle some salt and soy sauce first, so thatChicken legs are more flavored; 2. Peel and wash potatoes, cut into small pieces for later use; 3. Wash the onion, ginger, and garlic, and then cut the onions into green onions. Mince the ginger and garlic, add ginger and garlic4. After the hot pot, add cooking oil, put ginger minced garlic and minced garlic in the pot and stir-fry, stir-fry the chicken legs in the pot, stir-fry until the legs change color, then put in water and fry together to boil the water5. Pour the potatoes into the pot, cover the pot and simmer for 15-20 minutes.

After cooking, sprinkle the shallots on top.

Nutrition of chicken leg stewed potatoes We need to achieve a balanced nutrition in the usual diet, both vegetarian and ravioli.

Chicken stewed potatoes just meet our needs. These two ingredients are nutrient-rich. Let’s see what their specific nutritional value is.

Chicken legs are rich in protein content, and the types of proteins are small, which is easily absorbed by the human body. Among them, the phospholipids in chicken meat are beneficial to the growth and development of the human body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the effects of nourishing qi, filling deficiency, strengthening the spleen and stomach, promoting blood circulation, and strengthening bones and bones.

Potatoes are rich in protein, and their content is almost close to animal protein, which is higher than that of ordinary beans.

It also has a variety of vitamins, trace elements, trace and high-quality starch.

In addition, the rich sedimentary fiber in potatoes can help promote gastrointestinal motility and clear the bowel and laxative detoxification.